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An Announcement of Domain Proportions

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Greetings readers,

Just a quick update for you all. As of today, you can now log on to http://theleewmowen.com for my blog! That’s right, I have created a new domain name. I’ve done this for a few reasons:

1. I think it’s a bit more professional to have the wordpress.com part off the address. Sorry WordPress, I still love blogging with you, it’s just that it’s better to see on the old Twitter account, the resume, and what have you.

2. I needed to invest more into the blog, with some time and a little bit of money that I can afford.

3. It’s my branding, if you will. I have my website and Twitter named “theleewmowen” so that it flows together to create my online image.

The same writing will continue, and I do promise to do my best to crank out more material as time goes on.

Until next time (soon),



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