Fish Migrate South

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It soon will be an end of an era, as the Florida Marlins will be no more. Taking their place in the World of MLB, are the Miami Marlins. When the Fish move into the new ballpark created just for baseball on the old site of the Orange Bowl, the Florida part of the name will be shed.

While the logos and jerseys will be officially revealed Friday the 11th, leaks have shown us that the possibility is real that the new South Beach Fish will dispose of the teal and go with a more orange appeal. Granted, the Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami have orange in their color scheme. Also according to the leaks, it looks like the Marlins will have an away jersey with their city name, which they had until about 2009 (they didn’t wear the Florida jerseys at all in 2011.) Keep in mind, they are leaks and could be totally different from what we see now.

Things have been busy in this 2011-2012 off-season, such as naming the bordering streets around the new field. Let’s not forget, there’s a new manager at the helm in former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Also an important change, this Marlins group is looking to spend some serious cash. Usually this is a team that would rather save the money rather than spend it. Also, the Marlins have created an unique display whenever a Marlin hits a home run. You can see it here, also I have no comment. I do like the fish tanks near the good seats, though.

In my honest opinion, I’m a bigger fan of teams that use a city name rather than a state. There’s some teams that make the state-name work, like the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Indiana Pacers, and others. I do like that Miami’s name will be along with the team, as well as the new stadium on the old grounds of some great Miami sports history. It will be an interesting season.

I know basing an opinion on a leaked, unofficial picture is quite absurd, but I’m not completely on board with the neon-inspired colors. Orange, I do get is a Miami sport color. Such past teams like the Miami Hooters had orange. I would like to see the teal stay along with the orange, because that would symbolize when the franchise first began in 1993 and the new move in 2011.

Come Friday, November 11th, 2011: the Florida Marlins will be no more. The Miami Marlins will begin their life and prepare for the 2012 season.

Sources of information from the Miami Herald,, and SB Nation.

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