The Thanksgiving Treat (An Update)

Greetings readers,

Just a few updates to make sure you all know I’m still alive. I hope everyone has had a superb Thanksgiving Day.

1) I will be uploading some of my sportscasting clips to my YouTube account. I will be posting a link to that either to my blog or on another post. I’m also going to post some of my shows on the account too, minus the music.

2) I do have a new blog, for those interested in what I’m actually doing. While it won’t necessary reflect on sports, I feel it was a much-needed change to what I was doing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write better in this blog. If you are interested, check it out here.

3) I will be working on a few more articles before 2011 is over. I have a few ideas that I could write about, but I just need to hammer them out. Of course, I couldn’t just have one idea one day that’s perfect and just run with it.

So, I hope everyone had a solid Thanksgiving Day.

Until next time,


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