Raiders Back to the Screen

Greetings readers,

Wright State and Dayton’s CW recently came to an agreement to air some Men’s Basketball games, as you can see in this press release from

As someone who grew up in the Dayton area, I remember as a kid watching WDTN during the evening news and seeing the WSU updates, with the Raider Viking logo on the side. I don’t remember the game highlights, but I remember seeing the logo. Along the way, I’ve purchased a few old media guides, with the most recent one being from 1996-1997. In the media guide, there was an insert talking about the games that would be broadcasted on Channel 2.

Fast forward to 2011, a pair of new mascot suits, and a college degree in my hand; and Channel 2 has struck a deal with Wright State for rights to broadcast the games. The main difference is: the games will air live on Channel 26, which is Dayton’s CW and there will be three games live.

I say it’s about time that Wright State got back to the airwaves. It’s been way too long since we seen the Raiders on TV (it might have been Schilling’s first year where the contract ended, but this is all just a guess. Point is, they haven’t been on TV in awhile.)

You might argue with the fact that WWRD actually was on the scene a few years back, but not everyone got that station. It took me awhile to figure out that it was Time Warner Cable Channel 997-ish (this was when the first game was on. I think it was changed shortly afterwards to Ch. 23.) Point is though, not everyone got that channel.

I think it’s great that local television is picking Wright State games up again. Next year hopefully, we’ll see more games on the set.

Source of information from Wright State University’s Athletic website.

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