Return Home Again – Gym Edition

Greetings readers,

Call it a continuation, call it running out of ideas, call it whatever you like. On Saturday Night, I entered the building I used to call “school” until 2000. The Twin Valley South Panthers took on the Valley View Spartans in West Alexandria. If you remember from a month or two ago, I was here for a football game. Now, it’s about a basketball game.

I already explained in the first post that I didn’t go to any sports while I was a kid. I also explained how I went to Twin Valley South before transferring to Valley View. However, this ties in to the fact that I haven’t been in this building since February of 2000 and I’ve been in the basketball gym a grand total of once. Most of the time, we’d just have classes in the smaller gym, closer to the entrance.

I watched both the JV and Varsity games in the gym. For the JV game, most of the Panthers wore white jerseys with block numbers (like what the football team has.) There was a few players that wore the Varsity jerseys, with numbers with pointed edges on the top of the number (I’ve seen this font on Youngstown State’s jerseys, but I can’t find what it’s called. You’ll just have to take my word for it.)

There’s a good summary of the game here on Chris Tilton’s website about the game against Valley View. As a basic summary, there was a lot of turnovers on the Panthers side. The JV team had trouble shooting the ball. In the end, Valley View won the JV matchup 50-23.

The Varsity game was an exciting feast to watch, as it was close throughout the game. Both teams had bursts of scoring, but the Panthers also had a streak of five straight turnovers late in the second quarter. Twin Valley South tied the game at the end of the 3rd Quarter, and the gym got amazingly loud. Valley View always had an answer to each TVS run, and kept the lead for good after a couple of three point shots. The Spartans won 71-63 in West Alexandria.

In terms of fans, most Panthers fans got there for the Varsity game. For the JV game, there was a great pack of Spartans, but the Panther fans started trickling in shortly afterwards.

It was good to get back inside the building and catch a basketball game. It’s always a good time to watch sports, no matter where.

Source of information from Chris Tilton Sports.

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