Gone Commando in Two Years

Greetings readers,

Wow, that football team in Cincinnati is doing quite well. This team has two championships in their history, only one loss in two seasons, and an owner that isn’t constantly asked to leave their post. Someone pinch this Cincinnati¬† fan, it must be a dream! Oh wait, I’m not talking about the Cincinnati Bengals this year (minus the owner thing), I’m talking about the Cincinnati Commandos.

The Commandos have been around for two seasons, with only one loss in their history. Cincinnati has been apart of the CIFL (the Continental Indoor Football League) until recently, when they switched to the Ultimate Indoor Football League for 2012.

With the switch, the Commandos no longer have a rival in the Dayton Silverbacks (since Dayton has stayed put in the CIFL.) Cincinnati now has a rival just across the rival in the Kentucky Monsters playing in the Bank of Kentucky Center, where Northern Kentucky University plays. The team was called the Northern Kentucky Monsters for awhile. Also joining the UIFL with Cincinnati is the Marion Blue Racers, just a drive north of Columbus.

Cincinnati has seven home games coming up, including two each hosting Marion and Kentucky. All home games are scheduled to play in the Cincinnati Gardens, about fifteen minutes of Downtown Cincinnati. The season starts March 3rd with the Commandos hosting the Marion Blue Racers. Tickets range from $10 to $22.

I haven’t had a chance to catch a game yet, but I have followed along with how the team has done. I will say that only one loss and two titles to the belt should get the football fanatics of Cincinnati flocking to the Gardens. Another thing that is a big plus for the community is the roster is made of mainly of Cincinnati locals (My guess is about 90% Cincy locals.) The roster link is accurate from October 2011.

So if you’re looking for some football to catch, check out the Cincinnati Commandos!

Photo from cincinnati.com. Sources of information from the Ultimate Indoor Football League and the Cincinnati Commandos website.

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