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Star Gunner Down

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Greetings readers,

Just a few games into this young Premier Basketball League season, and we are now down two teams.

The PBL has released the Charleston Gunners and the Northwest Indiana Stars, for failure to adhere to league standards. That leaves the PBL nine teams still standing.

Charleston was 2-2, whereas Northwest Indiana was 0-6.

The PBL is now in the process of rebuilding the schedules, meaning Tuesday’s Air Strikers game against Scranton-Wilkes Barre has been rescheduled. The probably means next week’s home match will be either cancelled or reconfigured with another opponent.

Last year in the PBL, the Vermont Frost Heaves left about midway through the season. The two teams were booted out about a quarter of the way in this season.

Now the question is, do you resort the conferences or leave them alone? Do you add another team with about two months left to play? Adding a team at this juncture would be too risky, as they would have to play catch-up.

Some of the former Stars and Gunners have been picked up by other teams.

As of now, the PBL has not released a new schedule for the remaining teams. Hopefully that will be out soon.

Source of information from thepbl.com.

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