Batting Down the River

Greetings readers,

The summer season is almost upon us. As you might know, that mostly means baseball will be back. The smell of fresh cut grass, beer being served along with a hot dog, and the cracking of the bats: that’s a bit about the environment of baseball.

In the Miami Valley, you have your Cincinnati Reds down south. You have the Cleveland Indians up North by Northeast. You have the Dragons downtown. You could go east to Columbus for Clippers or west to Indianapolis for Indians (not affiliated with Cleveland, but I think they were a long time ago.) You also have some other options.

Folks, in this post I want to take you folks to Richmond, Indiana.

Enter the Richmond RiverRats, a team that plays at Cate Field at McBride Stadium in Eastern Indiana. Since 2009, the RiverRats have been giving young college kids chances to play baseball with wooden bats. Richmond plays in the Eastern Division of the Prospect League, which plays from late May until early August.

Other teams that play in the Prospect League with the ‘Rats include Lorain County (few miles west of Cleveland), Chillicothe, West Virginia, Butler and Slippery Rock (around the Pittsburgh, PA area.) There is also a Western Division that includes another Indiana team, the Terre Haute Rex.

This isn’t Richmond’s first crack with a baseball team, as the city near Ohio has plenty of baseball history to tell many tales. Once the home of Roses, Robins, Roosters, and Tigers, Richmond has seen a lot of baseball. The former Municipal Stadium has seen these teams and still lives to tell another tale of baseball.

If you remember the Chillicothe Paints, that franchise has been apart of the Frontier League, they’ve been apart of the Prospect League for a few seasons now. That actually gives Richmond a nice rival with another team of U.S. 35.

While the Prospect League is fairly new (2009), the original organization has been kicking since 1963 and has sent about 175 folks to the Pros. The Cowboy Brantley is one of them for you Reds fans, Joe Girardi of Yankees manager fame, Adam Rosales, Jon Papelbon, and many others.

Richmond offers a great baseball product for a very affordable price. You get to see kids still in college work on their game in hopes to make it to the professional levels one day. You never know who’s going to be on your favorite team.

Sources of information from the Prospect League, the Richmond RiverRats, and the Chillicothe Paints websites.

Until next time,


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