Great Lakes Summers

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The last post was about the Richmond RiverRats, a team that plays baseball with wooden bats and collegiate players in the Prospect League. But, what if you don’t live Richmond and gas prices are still high by the time you can make the trip to Indiana? There’s other options to see baseball.

Enter the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League, a combination of eleven teams as north as Michigan, all the way down south to Lexington, Kentucky. Those two teams are the only ones outside the state of Ohio. You have teams in Cincinnati, near the Celina area, in Hamilton, in Lima, and two in the Dayton region.

The newest team is the Dayton Docs, which is a terrific name considering where they play at and what one of their stronger schools are (I’m talking about Wright State and their Medical programs.) The other Dayton area team is the Xenia Scouts who play at the Athletics in Action Complex.

For the Cincinnati region, you have the Cincinnati Steam and the Hamilton Joes, named after Joe Nuxhall. Out east, you have Southern Ohio, located in Athens. You also have a Stark County team that’ll play at Canton. Licking County also has a team, which is nearby Columbus. Grand Lake has their team in Celina, appropriately named the Mariners.

One of the big names from the GLSCL is Nick Swisher, who apparently played with the Columbus team when he was in the league. The league was founded in 1989 and receives monetary help from the MLB.

Both the Prospect League and the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate Leagues use wooden bats and both require players to be college students. While the Prospect League is more spread out from Central Ohio to Missouri, the GLSCL has the majority of the teams in western Ohio. Five out of the eleven teams are in the Cincinnati/Miami Valley area.

So if you’re in the area looking for some good summer baseball, give these teams a try!

Sources of information from the GLSCL website and the Hamilton Joes webpage. Picture from the Grand Lake website.

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