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If you like sporting goods stores inside your favorite mall which happens to be in Montgomery County, you’re in for a treat.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is moving from about a minute north of the Dayton Mall, to the old DSW store near Sears.

The project will be the biggest addition since the “Dayton Mall Village” was added in 2005 (you know, when the northern parking lots were taken for more store lots because The Greene was becoming an actual thing?). With Dick’s Sporting Goods coming in, you can forget about that empty space that Designer Shoe Warehouse and FYE left recently. All in all, the new store should take up over 50,000 square feet.

If you’re familiar to the area, you know that Fairfield Commons has a Dick’s Sporting Goods in the mall (two levels, too!) It was around 2005-2006ish when the store decided to move from a tiny shopping plaza across North Fairfield and take up space that was originally a store selling model trains (and countless other things before that.)

This is a big addition for the Dayton Mall. Currently, the Dick’s Sporting Goods is about a minute drive north of the mall (it depends on how traffic is that day, I suppose.)

I don’t know if this will be a two-story store or not, but it doesn’t need to be. First off, there would be no 2nd floor to connect it to (unless the mall added a wing on that floor, but good luck filling it.) Second off, I think the space will be enough for what the new store needs.

This will add a lot of traffic to an already busy mall, but it will add some competition. Yes, there is a Hibbett Sports in the opposite wing next to Elder-Beerman. From what I’ve seen, Hibbett carries a lot of local colleges (correction, Ohio State and Kentucky) stuff and isn’t busy whenever I pass by the lunch hour. How the two will duel, I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait until Spring 2013 (or Fall 2012 if some reports are correct.)

With this addition, I wonder if the Tri-County Mall will be up next for Dick’s Sporting Goods to into (again, near the mall and there’s still an anchor space where JCPenney’s used to be.) I’d say Kenwood Towne Centre is up next, but there’s not that much room and they have a store at the old Kenwood Mall (ask your mother on that one.) This might already be happening in your area.

Well, happy shopping!

Source of information from the Dayton Daily News (article written by Mark Fisher.) Picture from

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