The Gem-less City

Greetings readers,

The Dayton Gems have ceased operations after three seasons. After failing to find the appropriate revenue to continue for a fourth season, the Gems are done.

However, not all is bad in this case. There is a new hockey team coming to Hara Arena this year to fill the hockey void. More on this later.

The Dayton Gems begun in 2009, shortly after the Dayton Bombers called it quits. The Gems picked Hara Arena for their home venue, which the Bombers called home for most of the 1990’s before moving to the Nutter Center, which might have eventually done that franchise in.

The first color scheme was Blue and Gold for the first year, with diamonds on the sides of the hockey jerseys (as well as the primary logo, too.) After the inaugural season, the colors were switched to Blue, Red, and White.

The name had been used before in Dayton hockey history, as the Gems were also a team that played until 1980.

As someone who had seen a few Gems games, I am sad to see this franchise go. They tried to do a lot of stuff in the view of the public eye. They picked out the jerseys from a fan vote, and these were from fantastic hockey designs too! (If you are interested, check out this old post I did to see those jerseys.) Tickets were at a fair price, but I always got mine for free since I worked at WWSU.

One thing I really didn’t like was their decision to charge for parking in something that could resemble a gravel pit. Also, you can make the argument that Hara Arena either needs a drastic change-up or to be leveled.

Hold on though, because the Federal Hockey League is looking to cover the void by bringing in a new franchise. If you’re not familiar with the FHL, it’s a league that currently consists of seven teams, all but two within the New England/New York area. The others are located in Canada and one in Illinois. I believe the FHL is trying to add three more teams, including the Dayton franchise.

As of now, nothing else has been mentioned. No nickname, no staff members, no arena (although there’s a meeting at Hara Arena, so that might be the place for them.) There will be a meeting on May 30th at Hara, to discuss the future of hockey in Dayton.

All I know is, hopefully people will support this new franchise and hopefully this new franchise takes a page from the Dayton Gems book, by being in the public eye.

Source of information from the Dayton Gems website.

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