The Devil Drives Aeros

Greetings readers,

There will be Devils and Aeros playing hockey in Dayton for 2012-2013. That’s right, after the loss of the Dayton Gems of the CHL, the Gem City will be getting two teams to watch this upcoming season.

The Dayton Devils will be taking to the ice in the Federal Hockey League, along with several teams along the New York/New England area. Currently (as of 7/7/2012), there are six teams in the FHL. The Canada team is no longer listed, so that makes four teams around the Northeast, and two in the Midwest (Dayton and Danville, IL.)

The Dayton Aeros will be playing in the new Mid West Junior Hockey League, which stretches from Northern Michigan down to Cincinnati, to Bloomington, Illinois. There’s a couple of teams in Michigan, one called the Tennyson Chevrolet. There will be a Cincinnati team called the Stache, as well.

These are two different flavors of hockey, with the Aeros being a junior team (Players around the ages of 16-20, at least in Canada). The Devils will be a pro team, like what the Gems were.

I like that there will be two different types of hockey to see in Dayton, but will the hockey fans left still see that? Junior hockey is different, because you don’t have the paychecks and the main goal is to develop players for college, the pros, and everything else hockey-wise.

I actually got an internship while in college with the Troy Bruins, who were a junior hockey team before the year I joined.

People questioned how the replacement team would do after the Gems folded due to lack of funds. Now, can this city support two different hockey teams? Only time will tell, starting around October.

In comparison of the two squads, the Devils closest foe will be the Danville Dashers. The Aeros will have a nice local rivalry with the Cincinnati Stache.

The Dayton area will have two teams to watch this upcoming hockey season. Who’s coming out to watch some hockey?

Sources of information from the FHL and MWJHL websites.

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