Rolling Down the Track

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The Gem City Rollergirls have released their 2013 schedule, which you can catch here. Don’t know what the Gem City Rollergirls are?

The Gem City Rollergirls are a flat-track roller derby team, who call the Orbit Fun Center in Huber Heights home. The first practice was in February of 2006. The team was inspired by “Rollergirls”, a show on A&E that aired in early 2006.

Roller Derby is a high-contact sport, highly-competitive throughout the games. Anyone can join, and the Gem City website describe how everyone is different. From moms to young adults, any woman that wants to play can join the Rollergirls. Practices are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at the Orbit Fun Center.

Flat-track Roller Derby has different elements, compared to banked-track. It’s easier to find flat surfaces to skate on, like basketball courts and the like. Like previously stated, it is a very physical sport. Players can be hit from the shoulders to the mid-thigh. Using elbows or hitting someone from behind is a no-no. There’s a penalty box in this sport, and you can foul out of the game with too many visits to the sin bin. All the rules can be read at the WFTDA website, including the parameters of the rink, illegal hits, scoring, and terms of the sport.

I remember hearing about the Gem City Rollergirls back when I was at Wright State and WWSU. I think we advertised for them, but I’m not 100% where the connection was (like if we had someone at the station who played for Gem City.)

One of the most unique things I noticed about the local rollergirl team was the nicknames. If you look at the members of the WFTDA (Gem City is not a full member, mind you), there is a team in Cleveland called “Burning River Rollergirls.” If you look at Gem City’s roster on their site, you’ll see nicknames like “Flirtini Tease”, “Demolition Curvy”, and the “Big Red Bloodshed.” “Punky Rooster” is also one that made me chuckle a bit. The nicknames are pretty fantastic and far out of the ordinary.

If you’re looking for something cool and exciting to watch, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of Roller Derby.

Sources of information from the Gem City Rollergirls’ Facebook page and the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Picture from

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