Summer Ball

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Summer is a great time of the year. It’s when most people venture outside and have some fun in the sun. In the sporting world, baseball will be in full bloom. But did you know it’s not the only sport in the sun? In Southwest Ohio, there’s also outdoor football.

If you’re a fan of tackling football, there’s a couple of leagues to check out around the Miami Valley. One is the Heartland Football League (which I wrote about March of 2011.)

Some things have changed since 2011, including the Kings Comets taking a break this season. Most of the teams on my 2011 article no longer exist. The area is a little further spread out into the Pittsburgh area. In fact, some of the teams listed on the league’s website have called it quits before playing any downs. One team has stayed the course for a long time, and that would be the Lima Warriors.

There’s also another league around the Miami Valley, in the Northern Frontier Football League. Compared to the HFL, there are more teams around the Dayton area. The season starts May 18th, with sixteen teams stemming all the way up north to Lima and all the way east to Lancaster. The last week of the regular season (Week Ten) is August 3rd.

Baseball’s not the only summer sporting fun, there’s also some football in the air. It’s a great time to catch some outdoor sports!

Sources of information from the Heartland Football League and the Northern Frontier Football League. Picture from the Heartland Football League front page.

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