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Changes to the Blog

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Greetings readers,

I feel like this blog is in need of a change and a shakeup. So, Sports in the Mowen Years will be no more.

Instead, welcome to the homepage of Lee W. Mowen. With this change, I feel that it gives me a better shot to showcase what I can bring to the table. It’s a site where everything I do is published on here. It’s where my writings will go, it’s where I will post my broadcasting schedule, and other things I see in the world of sports.

I feel like Sports in the Mowen Years just hit a stalemate point. Instead of thinking of topics that were interesting, I struggled to find a way to talk about anything. As an insider look, I still have about six drafts that started back last summer. I typed a little bit on  that topic, but wouldn’t find a good way to continue the subject. So, I need a new perspective and a new way to write in this blog. That’s where I’m changing this, today.

So, welcome to the new world of Lee W. Mowen, a sportscaster from the Dayton, Ohio region!

Will Sports in the Mowen Years ever come back? Maybe. I know when I have a strong idea to talk about, I’ll write it on here. In the mean time, check out my other blog here (which is my personal blog, writing about things happening in my life and such.)

For now, welcome to the professional blog of Lee W. Mowen!

Until next time,




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