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According to an article from Retailing Today, written by Mike Troy on August 7th, Macy’s and Lids have struck a licensing deal. This deal will be for 200 stores, with the first twenty-five rolling out the new deal this Fall. The other 175 will have to wait until Spring 2014 for this licensing deal to open up.

With this deal, these Macy’s selected will roll out products relevant to sports fans. The deal calls for merchandise in four major sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA) as well as collegiate gear. This apparel will be available for men, women, and children, as well as a possible slice of housewares and novelty selections. In a small sample of these 200 stores, there will also be a customization stand to embroider hats. Space for the new Lids gear should take up around 500 to 1,000 square feet, as well as an interactive kiosk to order gear. will also sell the Lids gear soon, too.

That’s two hundred Macy’s stores out of about 840 that will add that additional grab for the sports fans. Earlier this year, Macy’s also signed a deal with Finish Line to handle the athletic shoe stock.

As a support associate at a Dayton area Macy’s, I can only tell you this is a nice grab for the company. Currently, the Dayton area Macy’s really don’t have a lot of sports stuff (just a small selection of Reds, Bengals, and Ohio State stuff.) If you venture out to the Columbus-area Macy’s, you can see more Buckeye gear. I remember the Cincinnati-area Macy’s usually have a bit more Reds, Bengals, and sometimes UC merchandise. Case in point, Macy’s really doesn’t carry a lot of sporting merchandise in Southwest Ohio…until possibly now.

Remember, only 200 stores will get the Lids treatment, with an eye out for the big sports areas (like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and the like.) I figure these placements will also depend on how well a Macy’s store does.

Will the Dayton, Ohio region be treated to one of these 200 additions? As much as I love to see this happen, I don’t think the Dayton region makes the cut. While Dayton is a fantastic sports market with two NCAA Division I institutions, a superb Reds farm team in the Dayton Dragons, the Dayton Demonz hockey team, and various other professional teams in the area, remember the other markets out there like New York, where you have multiple teams and multiple Macy’s too. Now just how many (and what stores) get these, I have no clue. I think the closest area to receive this licensing would either be the Kenwood location in Cincinnati or one of the bigger Macy’s in the Columbus area (Polaris or Easton, maybe one of the two Tuttle Crossing locations [yes, there’s two. Interesting story, but that’ll be for another day.])

But is it possible for the Dayton Mall or the other two Dayton area Macy’s to get a piece of the Lids deal? Absolutely. One of my thoughts about this is over-saturation. Would you put a Lids section in two nearby Macy’s? I assume this wouldn’t be case, so if it’s more spread out, I think Dayton might get a piece of the 200 slice. If you spread it around the bigger markets, this leaves a couple of other markets open for this opportunity.

So there you have it, the next place you buy or receive a hat or sporting piece of clothing might just be from the department store with the star.

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