Tales of the Traveling Trophy of Miami

Greetings readers,

Just the other day, I had the chance to broadcast from the campus of Miami University-Hamilton Branch. While this might sound like just another day in the office, it was special because of the fact it was for a trophy (my first call with a special prize at the end of the game.)

The Miami-Middletown ThunderHawks traveled south to Hamilton to take on their sister branch, the Miami-Hamilton Harriers. Each year, these teams will play two with one home game each. Miami-Middletown won earlier in the year 105-73, easily dispatching the Harriers in Northeast Butler County.

The second game of the year is special, as it is played for the trophy you see in the top picture. Since the 1985-1986 season, the winner of the 2nd match gets the Traveling Trophy. When the Hamilton Journal-News and the Middletown Journal were separate entities (before being absorbed into Cox Media Group and the Dayton Daily News), the two papers sponsored the trophy. In thirty battles, the ThunderHawks were 26-4 when playing for the trophy (last MUH win was 1999-2000.)

Miami-Middletown was coming into the game 12-13, having just lost in Richmond, Indiana to the Ivy Tech Bears 104-97. Miami-Hamilton was in a midst of an eleven-game losing streak, having last won in December 2014 at home vs. Cincinnati-Clermont. Both of these teams went through a transformation, losing some key players for the 2nd semester. Who would win this important rivalry of the Miami branches?

Here is the archive of my broadcast, for you to enjoy on GCSN. As the broadcaster of this event, it was cool to see the rivalry from a different location. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Miami-Hamilton. I had a press row seat, I could see all of the action, and I have a great time on the headset. I took a picture from the top of the wooden bleachers and shared it on Twitter.

Miami-Middletown won 100-64, to keep the trophy and improve to 13-13 overall; 11-2 in the Ohio Regional Campus Conference. Miami-Hamilton fell for the twelfth straight time, falling to 4-20 (2-11 in ORCC play.) The ThunderHawks are now 27-4 when playing for the Traveling Trophy.

Overall, I thought that Wednesday Night went well. I thought was broadcast was good, I felt like it went smooth, I felt welcomed to broadcast there, and I enjoyed my time. From memory, I do believe that it was my first call for a trophy (While I’ve have calls in the FHL Finals the last two years with the Dayton Demonz, I never called the final game for the Cup.) I hope you enjoy the archived call.

…and of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a picture of something retro when I can. Here was the old logo used by the main branch in Oxford and the Miami-Hamilton Chiefs logo before the switch in the late 1990’s:

Until next call,




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