Running for the Broadcaster of the Year Award

Greetings readers,

I’d like to mention an award I’m in the running for, and I’d also like to ask you, the reader, for your help. I’m in the running for the 2014-2015 Federal Hockey League Broadcaster of the Year against four other nominees.

Just as a quick lead-off, the Federal Hockey League is a 6-team Single-A professional hockey league. There are six teams representing six states, with Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York in the Northeast; and Pennsylvania, Illinois, and my state of Ohio in the Midwest. The teams are the Berkshire Battalion (North Adams, MA), Danbury (Connecticut) Whalers, Danville (Illinois) Dashers, Steel City (Belle Vernon, PA) Warriors, Watertown (NY) Wolves, and the Dayton Demonz.

I’ve been the Play-by-Play voice of the Demonz for all three years now, and I’ve absolutely loved my time in the Hara Arena press box. I hope this experience will elevate me to even higher grounds in the world of sportscasting. I always wear my Demonz championship ring for every broadcast I call, to remind myself how lucky I am with this opportunity and with the friends I’ve made along the way.

Now, before I share the link to the ballots, I’d like to list five reasons why I should receive your vote for the 2014-15 FHL Broadcaster of the Year:

1) I’m the only broadcaster in the league to have a Pre-Game show, as well as a Three Stars of the Game and Post-Game Wrap-up each and every broadcast. Twenty minutes before face-off, I go over what’s at stake, who’s important, the starting lineups, and even air a Coach’s Interview with our Head Coach. I feel like this prepares not only the listener/viewer what to expect, but also benefits me as well. After the game, I go over the three stars of the game, their stats, recap the 3rd Period and wrap the broadcast up. I also have intermission shows to recap the previous action and go over scores of the FHL and other leagues.

2) I stay as neutral and professional as I can. I realize that not everyone will root for the same team, so I try my best to keep it as neutral as possible. I hope the fans agree that I try my best to make sure it is an enjoyable listen or view. I also have been trying as of late to entice more explaining on the environment at the rink, like what are the fans doing, what food smells good right now, etc…

3) I get pronunciations and referees names. If there are new names on the team, I will go down to the opposing locker rooms to get pronunciations (I had to ask about Berkshire’s name twice this year [BERK-sheer].) I want both fan bases to know that their team and players are important in the broadcast. I’m not saying I’m 100% perfect and this is also not to say it’s always error-free, but I do check to confirm and write down how to say it on my notes. This year I’ve made it an important point to get referee/linesmen names right, too.

4) I stay active with team news on my Twitter. When a transaction goes along, I must tweet it. When there’s a game that night, I must tweet it. Enough of the Devo reference! I tweet the transactions of the Dayton Demonz (and even some outside the team, if it happens to be a blockbuster trade like the one we just had on the 4th.) I also tweet the scoring plays of the away games if I don’t have work or another broadcast, just to keep the fans informed. During the games, I will tweet the score after the periods (which is something I’d like to increase, where I can tweet during a Media Timeout.) Twitter is my social media feed of choice, and I want to make sure I share my knowledge with the fans like other broadcasters do. (If you are interested in following me and my experience throughout the year, check out @theleewmowen.)

5) I have only missed TWO games out of the three years. Last year, there was a change to the First Round playoff schedule, and I was unable to swap my schedule around (I did find a replacement on air.) But other than those two games, I’ve been there for every single call. This job is important to me, and I know it’s important to the fans to hear and see the action. It’s something I don’t take lightly in my role, and I hope it shows in my broadcasts.

With those five reasons, I hoped I have convinced you to vote for me as the Broadcaster of the Year. The voting process is closed. Here is a link to my Dayton Demonz archives from GCSN.

If you have voted for me, I thank you. If you have voted for someone else, that’s perfectly okay. If I don’t get the award, no biggie; I continue to broadcast and hopefully continue my climb up in the world. After all, it is THE career for me.

Until next call,


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