Why I #LoveSportscasting

From my lovely girlfriend, Leslie! Thanks for the love and support you always show me!

Greetings readers,

I’d like to share with you on why I love my career; why I #LoveSportscasting.

I feel like it’s something I’m great at. I’ve always felt that broadcasting was my calling (that, or teaching.) I always wanted to be the voice people heard or saw delivering what could be important, crucial news, a life story, or possibly even a recipe or two (I watched a lot of Mr. Food on WDTN Channel 2 as a kid. Look him up if you are unfamiliar. “Ooh! It’s so good!”)

I’ve always enjoyed broadcasting since I began college. It’s one thing I always look forward to, one thing that cheers me up, one thing I look forward to doing for the rest of my life. Broadcasting is always exciting, always changing, always challenging, always worthwhile. To be able to deliver something interesting and needed to the general public is quite the rewarding career I want.

I’ve made many friends along this long ride of broadcasting (hello to those still reading! So how about that USA 5-2 win over Japan for the Cup?) These friends are all good people, looking for the same goal to broadcast. What’s nice is, everyone I’ve met is different and no two broadcasters are the same. From helping me improve on my job, to passing along ideas, and joking around from time to time, I’ve enjoyed making these friends throughout the years. Hopefully I continue to make more down the road.

Broadcasting to me has always been important. It’s been who I am. It’s been the job I put the most effort and time into. It’s been my purpose, my chase. It hasn’t been an easy trail, as I still find myself working the lower portion of the ladder to reach something supportable in financial terms. If I gave the dream up however, I feel like I’d let myself and everyone rooting for me down (and if you know me, I hate feeling like I’m a letdown or I let someone else down.)

To recap, broadcasting is how I’ve met my friends and my purpose. It’s been my identity since I can remember. It’s my reminder that if I apply myself enough, I will succeed in this field.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I realize it’s a short post, but at least it’s something personal (and not “Hey look, here’s me.) Here’s hoping I continue to find things to talk about. I even found old press released I’ve done from 2013, maybe that will go on the site eventually.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the friendship.

Until next time,


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