Five Years of My Website: A Personal Retrospective


One of my last logos created for my blog.

Greetings readers,

While looking at my mobile stats, I saw a notification celebrating five years on WordPress. Of course, I was a day late but it’s still a big step for my career. I’d like to take you through my website’s adventures.

I remember starting this blog during a summer class (if you’re interested, this is my very¬†first post introducing myself.) I¬†started off blogging about things that were interesting to me, not necessary the most important issues in sports. I remember writing nearly everyday on various things in the sporting world. Eventually I stopped writing as often, because of jobs and general disinterest. I ended up cutting the original title of my blog “Sports in the Mowen Years” and making this my personal, professional website.

Sometime in the first year, I added my resume to the site. I call it my “Career Stats” page, mainly because I wanted something to tie in the original sports theme. I also have a front page, giving visitors a preview on myself. Lately, I’ve added a Demo page with almost every sport I’ve covered (I still have to pick a segment for Lacrosse and update some others.) I’ve also added my Press Releases to the blog.

My website has also been responsible giving me a couple of broadcasting opportunities, such as the Dayton and Cincinnati Dutch Lions and the 2015 Flyin’ to the Hoop Tournament. I’ve also met some good people from my Contact Me tab.

To wrap it up, I’m not sure if I’d be in the same place in my career if it wasn’t for my website. I can say it’s helped my writing skills, as well as getting my name out there. I recommend every broadcaster to create one, just to get your name and resume out there.

One addition I’d love to make is an easy-to-use calendar for my upcoming broadcasts. I have tried a couple calendars before, but I wasn’t impressed with them. If you have any suggestions to add on my website, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading! Here’s to many more years of my website. Until next time,


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