The Dayton Blurb – Preview

Greetings readers,

I’d figured I would try something new to finally break the writing drought. I’m calling it (for now) The Dayton Blurb.

With my idea, I’d write about Dayton sports. I’d provide a quick tidbit on what’s happening with my sports scene. With Dayton being my home and I being a member of the sporting world (read: mostly freelance, free-agent media member), this is a good chance to start writing again and maybe share my love of the area with you, the reader.

Here’s how I would format each Blurb:

  • Today, the [team] had an amazing day as they extinguish the [opponent] [score to score].

Okay, terrible yet generic example aside, it would be a little snippet of results with my own view on it (if I was at the game or broadcasting it, you get the drill.)

In my honest opinion, sports in Dayton are worth sharing with people. There’s been a lot of great things to happen in our sporting community, and it’s time for me to share them.

Until next time (for real, with the first edition),


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