The Near One-Year Absence

Greetings readers,


What’s happened to this sportscaster from Dayton, Ohio since my last post? …and exactly WHAT is the deal with airline food? One of these things, after the page break!

So as you might have noticed, my whole idea about talking about Dayton sports didn’t last. In fact, just writing in my blog proved challenging. Even finding a follow-up to that sentence was a tedious twenty-two minute decision fest.


Not to worry, as my website is never fully barren (have you seen that Career Stats page? I hit over 1,000 games with a microphone, both broadcasting and P.A. Announcing, in January!) See, look, my tweet proves it:

Maybe one day the level of keeping up with every game will earn me some merit, maybe even a job. Maybe…so what’s new with this sportscaster from Dayton? Lots of stuff!

For instance, 1,000 games as a broadcaster/announcer is cool. This season I reached fifty games with the Wright State Raiders and will reach 150 games with the University of Dayton Flyers this baseball season! I even ran Twitter for Dayton Men’s Basketball for a preseason game! Things are going well at WSU and UD, with Spring kicking in next weekend…hopefully. No storms, no storms, no storms STOP!

Winter was quiet…too quiet…for maybe a day. Since losing my Single-A Dayton Pro Hockey squad(s), I’ve been picked up by my friend Nick and South Metro Sports and I’ve never been busier! From November until last week (February 2017), I’ve covered the Centerville High School hockey team. I even went on the road with the Elks for all but maybe two or three games and a Thanksgiving tourney in Columbus. In January, my coverage expanded to Springboro and Kettering Alter High School Hockey teams, plus the Dayton Stealth and Tri-State Spartans youth programs! Needless to say, SMS became my weekend home. I finished it up with a 22-game, three-day fest of some great area youth squads in the Buckeye Travel Hockey League Year-End Tournament! All-in-all, this was 83 games of hockey on YouTube! I really have to thank Nick, without him and this opportunity, Winter would have been devastatingly dull (and worrisome for this broadcaster.) I was also second-line in broadcasting (hockey team, first lines, second line, blue line, red line, three sheep) for the Cincinnati Thunder of the NA3HL, who are playing at South Metro Sports this season since losing the Cincinnati Gardens to closure (that’s a sad story, look it up along with Hara’s closure story too.) With the Thunder, I was involved with 12 games this season. All of that equals 95 hockey games in four months (and one long paragraph!)

This season also marked my journey back on the FM airwaves! I was on-air for a handful (okay, seven, I had to look it up) of basketball games with WTGR 97.5 FM in Greenville! I made the trek to Darke County to cover the fine schools who participate in the Cross County Conference. It was nice to return to the radio, when my career was born. Although I had a lot of rust on my first call (try two seasons without calling the sport) and one person saying I wasn’t any good, it was great to help out and be a part of a radio team, if only for a few games.

So what’s on the way? Well…

I’m preparing to return with the Dayton Dynamo coming up, and I’m looking forward to this upcoming season! Dayton’s got a new home in Roger Glass Stadium, close to Downtown!

Dragons start up soon. Yep.

On the job front, I’ve had a couple of interviews last year and one this year. I’d like to thank all of the people I’ve met during these interviews for giving this broadcaster a chance. I haven’t been hired yet, so I only have one answer: keep pushing. I’ll keep working, I’ll find something…I hope.

I’ve had those couple of points during the stretch (mainly during depression spirals), asking if I’m really cut out for broadcasting. I then look at my Career Stats page, and I KNOW I’m good enough. I need my lucky break, but I continuously ask “What am I doing wrong?” I feel like my work ethic speaks for itself, I feel like I have a good attitude, I know I can do anything in this field. The trek continues, my friends.

Wow, that felt like a lot of typing. OVER 1,000 games!

Thanks for reading. Until next time (may it not be nearly a year,)


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