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The Flying Voice

Greetings readers,

Wow, how one month flies. Sorry for the silence once again, but it’s been a good month for sports. I’ve called two playoff series, a conference championship, and a couple of arena football games. There’s also a new job for me this Spring.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am a Public Address Announcer for the Dayton Flyers baseball team.

Now why on earth would I think this would be interesting to talk about? There’s a few reasons.

1) I like talking about new opportunities for myself. That sounds so much like a vague statement, but I feel blessed for everything new chance to prove myself.

2) I often think how cool it is for a graduate of a rival college to have this job. Does it mean anything? No, not really. It doesn’t matter where you graduated from if you work your hardest. I just get a kick out of it (and so do some of the Flyer staff, even having one telling me that I’m on waivers.)

3) This is a great job to have. It’s a great, laid-back environment, and I feel accepted into the group. I get to work with great people each game. I also have talked with a few Flyer fans at the baseball games, and they have compliment me on my work.

In case you’re not familiar with the Dayton Flyers, they are a NCAA Division I school that call the Atlantic 10 their conference. This is the same conference where Virginia Commonwealth and Butler jumped to last year, and the same where Butler and Xavier are departing for the new Big East. (In case you didn’t hear, George Mason is coming to the A10 now.)

The Flyers call Time Warner Cable Stadium their home, right at the corner of Interstate 75 and Edwin C. Moses Boulevard. It’s a nice stadium, with a good size press box and also a luxury suite next door. The seating is concentrated behind home plate, between the dugouts. There is a nice grass patch between the home dugout and the indoor batting cages.

As of March 26th, I have done nine games so far.

I am incredibly blessed to have this job and grateful for the connection that I have for this job. One thing I didn’t mention is how I got the job. One of my friends that I work with at the Dragons, Scott, also works at UD. He heard that the Flyers needed a PA Announcer, and the rest was history.

I’m incredibly lucky to have this job. I wanted to share with the world (again) about my new job. What will this lead to? Only time will tell.

Picture from the Dayton Flyers website.

Until next time,


Raiders of the Lost Pool

Greetings readers,

Today I’d like to share with you an organization that’s been in the Dayton area for a while and recently made the news on a big purchase. This organization is the Dayton Raiders.

The Dayton Raiders have been in the area since 1981 (actually longer than that if you count the Dayton Dolphins and the Wright State Raiders, which you can read the entire history here.) It’s an organization for younger people who would like to train and receive coaching all year long.

Recently, the Raiders bought the Beavercreek YMCA for a training site starting this May. While the Y off of Grange Hall Road will still close, the community programs will stay and the Raiders will use this pool to train. For the 2012-2013 season, the home meets are at Wright State University (the pool’s right next to the bookstore.)

The Raiders have won a lot of awards and accomplished a lot of records  as a team, including breaking the American record for the 200 backstroke in short course meters, three Raiders winning U.S. Juniors National Championships, several hundred representatives in the Ohio High School State Championships, and many Raider reps went on to swim on the collegiate levels (including Wright State University.)

There’s also opportunities for people interested in helping out the team. The Raiders use a volunteer point system, to make sure everyone chips into the team.

The 2012 senior class of the Raiders include many reps from Centerville and Beavercreek High Schools, as well as a few reps from Yellow Springs, Miamisburg, Vandalia-Butler, Oakwood, Northridge, Tippecanoe, and Fenwick High Schools. These seniors have decided to go to college, including one to Wright State.

While never a rep of this swimming organization, I’ve seen a plentiful amount of Dayton Raiders gear since I was a kid. I saw a lot more of this in college, and I always wanted to ask what the Dayton Raiders were (I knew it wasn’t college related, since UD is the Flyers.) Turns out, it’s a big organization reaching out to the Miami Valley for swimming.

This purchase of the Beavercreek YMCA is a great one for the Raiders, as it continues to give the swimming organization a good link to Greene County (Wright State is another link to Greene County.) It gives the team a pool to practice swimming and prevents another building turning empty.

If you’re in the area and want to give your kids a chance to learn swimming, give the Dayton Raiders a shot!

Sources of information from WDTN Channel 2 and the Dayton Raiders. Picture from the Dayton Raiders.

Until next time,


Get to Know Your Voice

Greetings readers,

This is just a quick share with all of you. As you might know, I’m the play-by-play voice of the Dayton Demonz hockey team. I usually interview the coach and players for the post-game show. Afterwards, our cameraman uploads the highlights and interviews to YouTube.

There is one I wanted to share, in case anyone would like a little history on myself. I talk a little about when I started and about our hockey team in Dayton.

Before I forget, my color commentator Michael Lause and I are running for the best broadcaster(s) of the Federal Hockey League. I know we’d definitely love your vote. The link is located here.

Well, sorry for the short post today. I’ll think of a new topic to talk about next time.

Until then,


Rolling Down the Track

Greetings readers,

The Gem City Rollergirls have released their 2013 schedule, which you can catch here. Don’t know what the Gem City Rollergirls are?

The Gem City Rollergirls are a flat-track roller derby team, who call the Orbit Fun Center in Huber Heights home. The first practice was in February of 2006. The team was inspired by “Rollergirls”, a show on A&E that aired in early 2006.

Roller Derby is a high-contact sport, highly-competitive throughout the games. Anyone can join, and the Gem City website describe how everyone is different. From moms to young adults, any woman that wants to play can join the Rollergirls. Practices are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at the Orbit Fun Center.

Flat-track Roller Derby has different elements, compared to banked-track. It’s easier to find flat surfaces to skate on, like basketball courts and the like. Like previously stated, it is a very physical sport. Players can be hit from the shoulders to the mid-thigh. Using elbows or hitting someone from behind is a no-no. There’s a penalty box in this sport, and you can foul out of the game with too many visits to the sin bin. All the rules can be read at the WFTDA website, including the parameters of the rink, illegal hits, scoring, and terms of the sport.

I remember hearing about the Gem City Rollergirls back when I was at Wright State and WWSU. I think we advertised for them, but I’m not 100% where the connection was (like if we had someone at the station who played for Gem City.)

One of the most unique things I noticed about the local rollergirl team was the nicknames. If you look at the members of the WFTDA (Gem City is not a full member, mind you), there is a team in Cleveland called “Burning River Rollergirls.” If you look at Gem City’s roster on their site, you’ll see nicknames like “Flirtini Tease”, “Demolition Curvy”, and the “Big Red Bloodshed.” “Punky Rooster” is also one that made me chuckle a bit. The nicknames are pretty fantastic and far out of the ordinary.

If you’re looking for something cool and exciting to watch, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of Roller Derby.

Sources of information from the Gem City Rollergirls’ Facebook page and the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Picture from examiner.com.

Until next time,


Two for the One-and-One

Greetings readers,

The Premier Basketball League and the Independent Basketball Association have merged forces for the upcoming 2013 season. With the IBA-PBL combined effort, that gives the league seventeen teams which range from Missouri to the state of New York.

Before the merger, the PBL planned to start later than normal. Usually the first tip-off is the last day of December and the rest of the teams open up after New Years Day. This year, the tip will be in March.

If you read this week’s (the week of February 3rd, 2013) release of the Weekly Sports League and Franchise Reporta long paragraph was written about the teams excluded and included in the combined league. If you look at the Premier Basketball League’s old/current site, you can see how the teams are matched up in their divisions. The Eastern Division has nine teams, whereas the Central Division only lay claim to eight. This is the same division split from last year, just with more (and some different) teams.

Representing the PBL are the Lake Michigan Admirals, the Rochester RazorSharks, the Indianapolis Diesels (last year based in Columbus, IN and just the “Indiana Diesels”, and the Bloomington Flex (last year’s Central Illinois Drive, now under new management.) From last year’s IBA, it’s the Indiana Splash (last year’s Gary Splash), Lansing Capitals, Kankakee Soliders, Albany Legends, Lake County Stars, and many others. Joining the frey are the West Virginia Miners and the New Jersey G-Force.

A couple of PBL teams did not make the cut, including the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Steamers and the Dayton Air Strikers. A quick Google search did not bring up a single thing about these teams folding, so I suppose this will end on a cliffhanger.

There are some positives about this merger. With the two divisions, teams will not have to make long trips (I’m talking from New York to Missouri.) You have good rivalries that can build up, such as Lake Michigan vs. Lansing and Indianapolis vs. the former Gary Splash.

Will this merger help bring basketball to markets who don’t have sports? While time will tell this tale, one last thing can be said. It worked for the NBA, didn’t it?

Sources of information from Dan Krieger/Our Sports Central and the Premier Basketball League. Picture from the Independent Basketball Association.

Until next time,