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Tales of the Traveling Trophy of Miami

Greetings readers,

Just the other day, I had the chance to broadcast from the campus of Miami University-Hamilton Branch. While this might sound like just another day in the office, it was special because of the fact it was for a trophy (my first call with a special prize at the end of the game.)

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My Outlook & Goals for 2015

Picture taken by hockey fan Jennifer Kolb.

Greetings readers, welcome to the new year of 2015!

I’d like to share with you my outlook and goals for the New Year. Don’t worry, they’re all sportscasting related (I’m not any good with any other type of resolutions, trust me.)

First off, I’m going to go further than “get a sportscasting job.” In my thoughts, it’s too generic and too boring. By now, you might know I’m already on the quest for the career. This is more for what steps I’d like to take to get said job this year.

Now, my first goal is to write more. Towards the end of last year, I started writing more in my blog. It started off as another outlet to inform people to listen in to my next call, but then transformed into me sharing some personal experiences of some events. For example, the 1st day of the 2014 TVS Tip-Off Tournament. That brought in some looks and a friend liked my personal touch on my recaps (and another way to share my broadcasting work too, I may add.)

Originally, this blog was about topics with my opinion added to them. Why did it stray so much, you ask? I don’t know if I got “bored” or just thought nobody was reading it, so articles became few and far between. It also didn’t help that work took a lot of free time out of my hands.

This year, I’d like to share more. I’d like to share my experiences as the broadcaster about what I see during a call. I’ll try my best to write at least two to three times a month, maybe more. If I can share an experience you can’t find anywhere else, I think that’d be something fascinating to read.

Secondly, I know I’ve shared my plans for this for about twenty centuries (because podcasting has existed that long, am I right?), but I feel like this will be the year I start my podcast! Originally, I wanted it to be about Dayton-area sports and nothing but. In case you don’t know, Dayton’s not a bad lace to be a sports fan. Cincinnati isn’t too far, but Dayton itself has hockey, baseball, basketball, football; a little bit of everything! We have great high school sports, collegiate teams, and pro teams too.

Now, I’m starting to question if I shouldn’t just have a podcast where it’s just me enjoying sharing stuff that interests me (mainly sports.) Suggestions are always welcome (either as a comment on this post or if you’re connected with me on social media.) Either way, it’s time for me to enter the world of podcasting. Hope you join me, whenever this happens!

Third, I’m hoping to meet more broadcasters and more people in the field this year. I’m very lucky to have connected with the ones I know of today, but I’m always looking to expand my network and make new friends. I need to be more social on Twitter (not to mention more interesting, am I right?)

These are three things I’m reaching for in these next 365 days! I hope you join me for the journey!

Until next time,



(My) Adventures on the Pitch

Greetings readers,

It’s been a good summer to be a soccer fan, especially in Southwest Ohio.

As you know, the World Cup has finished up with Germany winning their fourth WC championship versus Argentina. For any type of soccer fan, it was one to watch and remember. The United States got out of the “Group of Death” with the Germans, Ghana, and Portugal. While the USA lost a tough battle with Belgium after advancing, it’s never been a better time to be proud of the #USMNT.

While the World Cup was a dandy to watch this year, soccer’s also been kind to this broadcaster.

As you might know (if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or know me off-line), I got the opportunity to broadcast the Cincinnati Dutch Lions of the USL Premier Development League and the Dayton Dutch Lions’ Women’s team.

Cincinnati played all of their home games at Xavier University’s soccer field. The W-League Dayton squad calls DOC Stadium in West Carrollton home, the same pitch the USL Pro team plays.

The Dutch Lion Women went 3-7 in 2014, while going 2-3 at home.

Cincinnati is currently 6-4-2, 4-1-2 at Xavier. The Cincy Dutch Lions have one more road game to close out 2014, at River City in Louisville, KY. In the USL PDL, the top two teams in a division get a playoff spot. Right now, Cincinnati is in second place in the South Atlantic Division by one point over Southern West Virginia (who have two home games left.)

It’s been a real treat sharpening up on my soccer video broadcasts this season. While some people don’t like the game (which is quite alright, everyone has different tastes,) I believe that the story-telling capabilities of the sport is quite impressive. It’s something I’d like to improve on as a broadcaster. I have a feeling that there’s going to be more chances on the horizon.

Becoming a broadcasting voice of a Cincinnati team and another Dayton squad was a treat, too. Cincinnati has always been a place I’ve loved as a kid, and working on expanding my craft in these two places really has made me that much more appreciative.


I might help out with a couple of the USL Pro Dayton Dutch Lions broadcasts, so stay tuned to my social media feeds to see when I’ll be back live!

If you’re looking to continue your soccer fix, just remember to support your local soccer club, no matter what level they are. Don’t forget, collegiate soccer is around the corner!

Thanks for reading. Until next time,


Rolling Down the Track

Greetings readers,

The Gem City Rollergirls have released their 2013 schedule, which you can catch here. Don’t know what the Gem City Rollergirls are?

The Gem City Rollergirls are a flat-track roller derby team, who call the Orbit Fun Center in Huber Heights home. The first practice was in February of 2006. The team was inspired by “Rollergirls”, a show on A&E that aired in early 2006.

Roller Derby is a high-contact sport, highly-competitive throughout the games. Anyone can join, and the Gem City website describe how everyone is different. From moms to young adults, any woman that wants to play can join the Rollergirls. Practices are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at the Orbit Fun Center.

Flat-track Roller Derby has different elements, compared to banked-track. It’s easier to find flat surfaces to skate on, like basketball courts and the like. Like previously stated, it is a very physical sport. Players can be hit from the shoulders to the mid-thigh. Using elbows or hitting someone from behind is a no-no. There’s a penalty box in this sport, and you can foul out of the game with too many visits to the sin bin. All the rules can be read at the WFTDA website, including the parameters of the rink, illegal hits, scoring, and terms of the sport.

I remember hearing about the Gem City Rollergirls back when I was at Wright State and WWSU. I think we advertised for them, but I’m not 100% where the connection was (like if we had someone at the station who played for Gem City.)

One of the most unique things I noticed about the local rollergirl team was the nicknames. If you look at the members of the WFTDA (Gem City is not a full member, mind you), there is a team in Cleveland called “Burning River Rollergirls.” If you look at Gem City’s roster on their site, you’ll see nicknames like “Flirtini Tease”, “Demolition Curvy”, and the “Big Red Bloodshed.” “Punky Rooster” is also one that made me chuckle a bit. The nicknames are pretty fantastic and far out of the ordinary.

If you’re looking for something cool and exciting to watch, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of Roller Derby.

Sources of information from the Gem City Rollergirls’ Facebook page and the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Picture from examiner.com.

Until next time,


Delay in the Play

This is the map for Forest Fair in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s before the first name change. Note where Bigg’s is on the second floor.

Greetings readers,

Let me take you back to April of 2011, when I published this article. Now fast forward to January 2013, and let me share with you this article by the Dayton Daily News. Yes, that rink was supposed to open this month, is still not yet a reality. In fact, it still reminds as an abandoned part of a gigantic building which is mostly empty (see this video here if you don’t believe me.)

For a simple preview, this is about building a rink/sports complex where Bigg’s used to be at the old Forest Fair Mall (yes, there was a mall with a supermarket in it back in the day.) The mall changed names four times (now back to Forest Fair, according to this article…but if you drive by, it’s still labeled as the Cincinnati Mall.) In the post from about two years ago, I mentioned the plans for the mall. Hotels, restaurants, a club ran by retired police officers, an agricultural museum, and a water park.

If you were around this area in the 1990’s and about my age, you might remember the awesome rides and the arcade machines at the Forest Fair Mall.¬† If you remember any commercials from this same time period, you might remember this commercial, when Forest Fair had a Moore’s Fitness gym. If you don’t remember any of this, just take my word for it. Back then, the amusement park in the middle of the mall was the place to be if you were young back in the day. Nowadays, the mall is virtually empty. Sure there’s Kohls, Bass Pro, Arcade Legecy…and…uh…yeah.

How awesome would it be to have sports in this building? Very cool, considering there is an arcade in the mall ($10 gets you all the gaming you want), a place to sport if you like to hunt/fish/motorboat. All a sports fan needs is a sports shop (because both of the good ones in that mall have closed) and possibly an indoor go-kart track, and this could be a sportsman’s paradise.

Cincinnati Sports Zone, which was announced in November 2011, has yet to open where Bigg’s was for about twenty years. The plan is to make a complete sports complex for $8 Million. That’s 270,000 square feet of sports once it’s finished and according to the DDN article, that includes three sheets of ice, 30,000 square feet of turf, 12 volleyball/basketball courts, a fitness center, a clinic, a sports bar complete with a party room, and finally office space. Also mentioned on the article list is the fact the courts could be used for AAU tourneys.

The new goal is to have the Cincinnati Sports Zone open by September 2013. Will it happen? I hope so, that building needs something to bring it back to the level all those moons ago. Like I sometimes say to close out a post, only time will tell.

Sources of information/pictures from Dayton Daily News, FOX 19, YouTube, and the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Until next time,