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End of the Line – 2012 Style

Greetings readers,

2012 is almost over, and I’d like to share what all I got to cover this year.

To start the year, I was doing a few games with WSWO in Huber Heights and I still was with the Air Strikers. I saw a lot of basketball (and one baseball game with WSWO) earlier this year. The Air Strikers were at Trent Arena, then moved to Dayton Boys Prep Elementary Gym and occasionally held games at the Payne Rec Center in Moraine. The Strikers finished a spot away from the Premier Basketball League playoffs. After the season, it was rumored that the Air Strikers folded, but then it appeared that they would play starting this November in the Independent Basketball Association….but then that didn’t happen for a reason or another. (Interesting note, now the IBA and the PBL are merging for Spring 2013. Read that story here. Maybe I’ll write on this for the first post of 2013.)

In April, I accepted an internship to broadcast 30 home games for the Richmond RiverRats. That was a great summer, and a fun internship too. The RiverRats play in the Prospect League, a summer collegiate wooden-bat league. The 2012 Season was the first one that axed out interleague games (no East vs. West Division games), so Richmond had faced the same five teams (Butler, PA; Chillicothe; Lorain County; Slippery Rock (PA); and West Virginia.) Richmond sent it down to the final few games, but were eliminated in the end. The West Virginia Miners were the champions of the Prospect League, by sweeping the Dubois County Bombers (who are no longer in the league, left for the Ohio Valley League.) Great summer, hanging out with a great team.

I was also exposed to Australian Rules Football in June, just three days before my birthday. My first game was in Cincinnati (actually, Fairfield) against the Columbus Jackaroos. While the Jackaroos were victorious that Saturday afternoon, it was my first time calling a new sport where the general public don’t usually see/follow. It led me to broadcast the 49th Parallel Cup in Columbus…

…which leads me to a position I’m in currently with the Ohio Sports Radio Network. I’m the General Manager of the station, where I pick games for us to cover. I also do play-by-play for the majority of the games. So far, I have covered several high school games, several Central State University matches, and Dayton Demonz hockey games. So in this opportunity, I’ve covered professional, collegiate, and high school sports. As well as broadcasting several games (around 40-50 at the moment), I’ve done a couple of remotes at local sporting bars. I’ve done a couple of remotes with the Dayton Sharks and one for a high school preview show.

That’s my 2012 wrapped up in a blog post. I don’t know what all 2013 will bring, but I bet sports will be a big part of the year. The Richmond RiverRats will be celebrating their 5th year as a franchise, the Cincinnati Dockers will keep on rolling, the Dayton Demonz look for their first trip to the playoffs in their inaugural season, the Dayton Dragons will have the Midwest League All-Star Game for the second time in franchise history, and the Dayton Sharks look to make a splash in their first year as a team.

As for myself, I hope a full-time job is on the way soon in 2013. If I keep piling up the experience, hopefully someone will think I’m a great candidate for an opening.

Sorry for the lack of updates in 2012, but I’ve stayed busy with sports and trying to stay afloat. Hopefully I’ll be back running in 2013.

Until next year,


The Summer of Broadcasts

Greetings readers,

Sorry for the massive delay, but I’ve finally had some time to type and finally have something to talk about.

As you might know, I finished my internship with the Richmond RiverRats earlier this month. Once the season began, time really flew by. From the first scrimmage on May 26th against the Portland Rockets to the final out against the Slippery Rock Sliders on August 3rd, I saw all the home games. I was the webcaster for those thirty games, and I can’t tell you how happy I was to be the man for the part.

Along with my internship with the RiverRats, I also was introduced to Australian Rules Football. I was given a Cincinnati Dockers game to broadcast on June 2nd. I was also given the fantastic opportunity to broadcast the 49th Parallel Cup in Columbus, Ohio. For those that don’t know, it’s the United States taking on Canada for four Aussie Footy matches, including two Developmental Squads. I was partnered up with my good friend Brian, who I met while I interned with the Dayton Air Strikers.

So this Summer of 2012 has been a good one, getting more experience to put on that ol’ resume. Now I just need a foot in the door to finally get into my career field. I can’t thank these people who have helped me so far after college to help me get closer to my goal becoming a sports broadcaster.

Again, sorry for the long delay. Next post should take less then 40 days. Thanks for reading.

Until next time,



There Goes the Mighty Ducks

Greetings readers,

When I say “Mighty Ducks”, what’s the first thing you think of? The Anaheim Mighty Ducks, the movies, or the cartoon from the 1990’s? What about a hockey team from Cincinnati?

The Cincinnati Mighty Ducks played in the American Hockey League from 1997 until 2005, in the Cincinnati Gardens. Compiling a record of 261-275-72-28-4 (Wins-Losses-Ties-Overtime Losses-Shootout Losses), the Mighty Ducks were part of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks for the entire stint, as well as a temporary stint with the Detroit Red Wings.

The attendances ranged from 4,355 in the 1998-1999 season to 5,459 in 2001-2002. The final season saw an average of 4,961 per game in 2004-2005.

The Mighty Ducks saw a few years of inactivity and almost gave back as the Cincinnati RailRaiders. However, not enough season tickets were sold. Eventually, the team was bought and moved to Rockford, Illinois and became the IceHogs. The hockey void down by the Ohio River would be filled in 2006 again with the Cincinnati Cyclones (who have been in the ‘Nati since 1990, playing in the East Coast Hockey League and the International Hockey League. The Cyclones took a break from 2004 until 2006.)

This isn’t the first hockey team in Cincinnati. It all starts with the Cincinnati Mohawks, back around 1949. The Mohawks folded in 1958, according to the Hockey Database. Currently, the Cyclones are doing well downtown, with a pair of Kelly Cup wins in the past few years.

So if the team has been gone since 2007 (technically 2005), why would I write about it? Well, check out this picture I took. Yep, that is still a Mighty Ducks shot counter on the walls of the Cincinnati Gardens.

I find it interesting to see something from the days gone by when a team called a place home. I also remember the Mighty Ducks ads on Cincinnati radio, always wondering what they were when I was a kid not into the world of sports. I’ve also wanted to write about teams that have played around here and disappeared, especially if their old gear is still around. I wanted to share something I thought was neat to see still standing to this day, around seven years later.

Sources of information from the Hockey Database and SCSR.

Until next time,


Great Lakes Summers

Greetings readers,

The last post was about the Richmond RiverRats, a team that plays baseball with wooden bats and collegiate players in the Prospect League. But, what if you don’t live Richmond and gas prices are still high by the time you can make the trip to Indiana? There’s other options to see baseball.

Enter the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League, a combination of eleven teams as north as Michigan, all the way down south to Lexington, Kentucky. Those two teams are the only ones outside the state of Ohio. You have teams in Cincinnati, near the Celina area, in Hamilton, in Lima, and two in the Dayton region.

The newest team is the Dayton Docs, which is a terrific name considering where they play at and what one of their stronger schools are (I’m talking about Wright State and their Medical programs.) The other Dayton area team is the Xenia Scouts who play at the Athletics in Action Complex.

For the Cincinnati region, you have the Cincinnati Steam and the Hamilton Joes, named after Joe Nuxhall. Out east, you have Southern Ohio, located in Athens. You also have a Stark County team that’ll play at Canton. Licking County also has a team, which is nearby Columbus. Grand Lake has their team in Celina, appropriately named the Mariners.

One of the big names from the GLSCL is Nick Swisher, who apparently played with the Columbus team when he was in the league. The league was founded in 1989 and receives monetary help from the MLB.

Both the Prospect League and the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate Leagues use wooden bats and both require players to be college students. While the Prospect League is more spread out from Central Ohio to Missouri, the GLSCL has the majority of the teams in western Ohio. Five out of the eleven teams are in the Cincinnati/Miami Valley area.

So if you’re in the area looking for some good summer baseball, give these teams a try!

Sources of information from the GLSCL website and the Hamilton Joes webpage. Picture from the Grand Lake website.

Until next time,


Just Docking Around in 2012

Greetings readers,

If you’re in Cincinnati for the summer, there are a lot of reasons to be excited. One of them is the Cincinnati Dockers, who will be defending their USAFL Division 4 Championship.

The Dockers, who recently released their 2012 schedule, are an Australian Rules Football club who have been around since 1996. Cincinnati is part of the USAFL, the United States Australian Football League. The Dockers play at Point Pleasant Park in Fairfield, just a few minutes north of the old Forest Fair Mall.

In October, the USAFL National Tournament will be held in Mason, which is fairly close to Fairfield and Cincinnati. This is the first time the event will be hosted in Warren County since 2009. The Tournament will see over 1,000 athletes for two days in October.

If you are not familiar with how the game is played, the Dockers do a nice job explaining the game. While it might not be anything the common sports fan is used to seeing, it’s some good action similar to football (both American and European.)

This will be the Dockers’ 16th season.

I’m looking forward to broadcasting these games for the summer, and I think you should come out and catch a game! It’ll be an excellent time and quite possibly a first time catch some Australian Rules Football near your backyard.

Picture and sources from the Cincinnati Dockers website.

Until next time,