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Get to Know Your Voice

Greetings readers,

This is just a quick share with all of you. As you might know, I’m the play-by-play voice of the Dayton Demonz hockey team. I usually interview the coach and players for the post-game show. Afterwards, our cameraman uploads the highlights and interviews to YouTube.

There is one I wanted to share, in case anyone would like a little history on myself. I talk a little about when I started and about our hockey team in Dayton.

Before I forget, my color commentator Michael Lause and I are running for the best broadcaster(s) of the Federal Hockey League. I know we’d┬ádefinitely love your vote. The link is located here.

Well, sorry for the short post today. I’ll think of a new topic to talk about next time.

Until then,


Wranglin’ Up Outlaws

Greetings readers,

The Williamsport Outlaws are no more.

Sitting in second place in the Federal Hockey League behind the Dayton Demonz, the Outlaws shut it down after cancelling their final home game.

If you didn’t know, this Williamsport team played outdoors at Airmen Pond at Bowman Field. The temporary rink was built on the first base line of the baseball field, which the Williamsport Crosscutters call home.

If you read the article in the Williamsport Sun-Times, you’ll see the mayor wanted hockey to work here. It did in the beginning, but once the cold weather hit Middle Pennsylvania, the numbers started to dwindle down.

When the team folded, the Outlaws still owed money and Bowman Field still needs restoring for the baseball team.

After the dust has settled somewhat, the league has decided to fix the schedules, so whoever faced Williamsport would not be out of a home game. The new Outlaws squad, which is a travel team now, will play three games at Danbury, CT. The Outlaws, now named Pennsylvania, lost 7-1 on January 16th at Danville, IL. The Dayton Demonz were supposed to play this Outlaws squad, but the league flip-flopped it around in the 1st Place team’s favor.

This is the second team a team has called it quits. The Cape Cod Bluefins struggled before becoming the New York Bluefins. So far, New York has played one home game after finding a place to skate and play. The only difference is after the Outlaws play these final three road games, that’s it.

Some of the former Williamsport Outlaws have found homes in other leagues or have decided to stay put in the FHL. Trevor Karasiewicz and Tim Recio are the newest members of the Dayton Demonz, for example.

It’s a shame any team folds and when the players truly lose. When the players try to follow their dreams, having a team shutter down can be nerve-wrecking. Hopefully, all these former Outlaws can continue to play hockey.

For the Demonz, there was only one more game at home against Williamsport (not counting the 1/26 game.) That game has now been replaced with the New York Bluefins.

If you look in the Facebook groups for the Federal Hockey League (there’s two that I’m a part of), people are furious and sad about the Outlaw demise. People throw into question about the future of the hockey league.

My personal thoughts are that while while the league is hurting and the act of losing teams mid-season/after the season is nothing new (I spy the Vermont Wild, the Broome County Barons, and the Akwesasne Warriors), I think with the right business plans in place, you can have solid teams play hockey. I believe the Danbury Whalers have been in the league since the inception and the Connecticut town still has hockey. With the right plan in place, this league can be very successful.

Just remember, if the fans and the players lose, the league loses too.

Sources of information the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, News Times (owned by Hearst), and the Federal Hockey League. Picture from the Federal Hockey League.

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Puck Flyingz in Dayton

Greetings readers,

It’s almost hockey season in the Miami Valley. While hockey fans deal with a looming NHL Lock-Out, there’s still hockey to be watched.

If you remember earlier in the year, Dayton was supposed to get the Dayton Devils in the Federal Hockey League and the Dayton Aeros in the Midwest Junior Hockey League. Will we still see these two teams?

Well, the Dayton Aeros have already started playing…in Monroe, Michigan. In the summer, the organization moved to Michigan (as early as July 29th). For those who don’t know, Monroe is south of Detroit, on Interstate 75. It was mentioned on the Dayton Aeros Facebook page, which has since been deleted. From what I’ve heard, the Aeros are supposed to return to Dayton for the 2013-2014 season.

Currently in 2012, the Dayton Aeros are 3-2-1 in six games, tied for 4th with the Soo Firehawks and the Holland River Bandits. The Hartland Hounds are currently in first with a 9-0-0 record. The only Ohio team, the Northwest Ohio Grrrowl, are tied for 8th with a 1-3-0 record with the Rhinelander Street Cats.

Will we see the Dayton Aeros travel south for next season? We’ll just have to wait and see. As for this season, the closest junior hockey around appears to be in Sylvania, Ohio.

The Dayton Devils are still playing at Hara Arena this season, but they will be known as the Dayton Demonz. Due to issues with the name, the Devils had to be renamed (because the New Jersey Devils have that locked down, and Dayton is not an affiliate so the name is off-limits.)

The Demonz are also now an affiliate with the Fort Wayne Komets of the ECHL, who are the affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks. If you remember last year when the Dayton Gems were around, the Komets were one of the biggest rivals to skate against the home team in Hara Arena.

The Federal Hockey League will consist of six teams, one west of Dayton. The other four are east, with three around the New York-New England area. The Williamsport Outlaws will play their home games outside, instead of an arena. Airmen Pond at Bowman Field is actually a baseball stadium, with the ice rink being built right near home plate. If you are interested in such things, you can see how they built this rink at this website here.

So the Demonz are here to play for 2012-2013. There’s some hockey at Hara once again.

Sources of information from WONE 980AM, the Federal Hockey League, and MLive.com.

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The Devil Drives Aeros

Greetings readers,

There will be Devils and Aeros playing hockey in Dayton for 2012-2013. That’s right, after the loss of the Dayton Gems of the CHL, the Gem City will be getting two teams to watch this upcoming season.

The Dayton Devils will be taking to the ice in the Federal Hockey League, along with several teams along the New York/New England area. Currently (as of 7/7/2012), there are six teams in the FHL. The Canada team is no longer listed, so that makes four teams around the Northeast, and two in the Midwest (Dayton and Danville, IL.)

The Dayton Aeros will be playing in the new Mid West Junior Hockey League, which stretches from Northern Michigan down to Cincinnati, to Bloomington, Illinois. There’s a couple of teams in Michigan, one called the Tennyson Chevrolet. There will be a Cincinnati team called the Stache, as well.

These are two different flavors of hockey, with the Aeros being a junior team (Players around the ages of 16-20, at least in Canada). The Devils will be a pro team, like what the Gems were.

I like that there will be two different types of hockey to see in Dayton, but will the hockey fans left still see that? Junior hockey is different, because you don’t have the paychecks and the main goal is to develop players for college, the pros, and everything else hockey-wise.

I actually got an internship while in college with the Troy Bruins, who were a junior hockey team before the year I joined.

People questioned how the replacement team would do after the Gems folded due to lack of funds. Now, can this city support two different hockey teams? Only time will tell, starting around October.

In comparison of the two squads, the Devils closest foe will be the Danville Dashers. The Aeros will have a nice local rivalry with the Cincinnati Stache.

The Dayton area will have two teams to watch this upcoming hockey season. Who’s coming out to watch some hockey?

Sources of information from the FHL and MWJHL websites.

Until next time,


The Gem-less City

Greetings readers,

The Dayton Gems have ceased operations after three seasons. After failing to find the appropriate revenue to continue for a fourth season, the Gems are done.

However, not all is bad in this case. There is a new hockey team coming to Hara Arena this year to fill the hockey void. More on this later.

The Dayton Gems begun in 2009, shortly after the Dayton Bombers called it quits. The Gems picked Hara Arena for their home venue, which the Bombers called home for most of the 1990’s before moving to the Nutter Center, which might have eventually done that franchise in.

The first color scheme was Blue and Gold for the first year, with diamonds on the sides of the hockey jerseys (as well as the primary logo, too.) After the inaugural season, the colors were switched to Blue, Red, and White.

The name had been used before in Dayton hockey history, as the Gems were also a team that played until 1980.

As someone who had seen a few Gems games, I am sad to see this franchise go. They tried to do a lot of stuff in the view of the public eye. They picked out the jerseys from a fan vote, and these were from fantastic hockey designs too! (If you are interested, check out this old post I did to see those jerseys.) Tickets were at a fair price, but I always got mine for free since I worked at WWSU.

One thing I really didn’t like was their decision to charge for parking in something that could resemble a gravel pit. Also, you can make the argument that Hara Arena either needs a drastic change-up or to be leveled.

Hold on though, because the Federal Hockey League is looking to cover the void by bringing in a new franchise. If you’re not familiar with the FHL, it’s a league that currently consists of seven teams, all but two within the New England/New York area. The others are located in Canada and one in Illinois. I believe the FHL is trying to add three more teams, including the Dayton franchise.

As of now, nothing else has been mentioned. No nickname, no staff members, no arena (although there’s a meeting at Hara Arena, so that might be the place for them.) There will be a meeting on May 30th at Hara, to discuss the future of hockey in Dayton.

All I know is, hopefully people will support this new franchise and hopefully this new franchise takes a page from the Dayton Gems book, by being in the public eye.

Source of information from the Dayton Gems website.

Until next time,