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Monster-less Party

Greetings readers,

It wasn’t that long ago where I published an article about the Cincinnati Commandos 2012 season. Well, we’re still a couple of months away and we have some big changes.

First up is the league itself. The United Indoor Football League has bought the assets of the Ultimate Indoor Football League. Second up, there are no Kentucky Monsters or Danville Dragons (on same article.)

As of right now, the websites for those teams still read “Ultimate Indoor Football League” on their banners and have the old schedules up. The Commandos Facebook page says that Kentucky won’t field a team (but either the league or the franchise will explain why, which hasn’t happened yet.)

So scratch that “across-the-river” rivalry, but look forward to the Marion Blue Racers still rivaling Cincinnati, just like their last year in the CIFL.

While I couldn’t find any news of Danville leaving, a telling sign is that there are no news articles on their website. “A Message to Dragons Fans” could be about anything, but it’s gone from the archives.

So not a whole lot of explaining why these teams are no longer with the UIFL, but maybe this will play out in the upcoming weeks or months. The league still plans for a March 2012 kickoff.

Source of information from the UIFL, Kentucky Monsters, and Danville Dragons websites.

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