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Sweetest Gifts for Sweetest Folks

Hey folks, it’s Sweetest Day (well, almost.) It’s time to get that someone special a little something. What can you get that someone that has stuck by you when you are yelling at a TV screen during a sports game?

Well, since this is “Sports in the Mowen Years”, this is going to be a list for sports fans. Since I am a male, I’m going to start off this list with a list of goods for the females. I will cap this article off with a list of things that the male species would like.

Keep in mind this isn’t going to be “chocolates and roses” type of charade, but this is intended for sports fans. Your tastes will vary. Okay, let’s start this list:

Gifts for Females

  1. Team blankets. What’s better than cuddling with your girl? Cuddling with your girl…with your team’s logo on that said blanket. Most places carry local teams, some websites (like this one) carry most teams. It shouldn’t be difficult to find her team on a blanket. If you can’t, there’s always making one or the interwebs.
  2. Pink Jerseys. This depends on your girl. Is she not into pink clothes? Is she not a big NFL fan? If you answered “No” to any of those, then skip on down to Number Three. I know I previously said some girls just want a team jersey without the flashy pink substance, but some women do like the look. While it doesn’t exactly match color-wise, it does match up in spirit wise. Cheer on for your teams (or separate teams, if it so fits), together in a jersey.
  3. Merchandise of their favorite player. Do they worship a certain player on a certain team? Get them some merchandise with them on it. Not just jerseys, but framed pictures and other gifts will do just fine.

Gifts for Males

  1. Sports gear. No, not jerseys. I mean actual padding, helmets, gear. Did they break a bat while playing a nice friendly game of “Send the ball over the fence” while crushing one? Did they lose their football helmet somewhere and they can’t find it? Get them something some the sporting good shop that they’ll use time and time again.
  2. Personalized glasses/mugs. It’s a fact that most men like beer. It’s a fact that we need to drink liquids to survive. How about either getting glassware with their favorite team or their name on it? What better way to show off your team by having a mug of your favorite beverage with your friends?
  3. Something to watch sports on. Most sports fans love watching the games on TV. Why not upgrade from that television set from 1995 and get a brand spanking flat-screen! Not a television fan? There’s other medias to get. iPads, iPod touch, and other mobile devices have video capabilities. If they already have a device, there do exist other applications to watch any game at any time (like the MLB At-Bat.)

Gifts for Both Genders

  1. Tickets to a sporting event. What better way to spend this holiday…together. See a team you like (or at least, one of you), then cap it off with a nice stroll around. If you wanted to stay in, there’s always those sports packages on satellite or cable.
  2. Gift Baskets. If you say in and watch sports underneath a soft, warm team blanket, what is the ultimate snack to watch sports? How about something from these gift baskets? Of course, you can pick gift baskets from just about anywhere, but these are the themes of sports teams. Find the one you want, find the snacks you want, and wait for the shipping. Is it too late for this list? Probably, but sharing a snack together underneath a blanket sounds pretty romantic.
  3. Sports movies. After the game, what’s on TV? Oh look, a re-run! Come on, pop in the movie you got. A little Hoosiers by a fireplace? How about some Major League with a warm blanket? Rookie of the Year? Rudy? Any movie with your special someone is worthy of some time together.
  4. Sports video games. Remember awhile back when I wrote about video games a month ago? It’s a perfect gift idea! Spend some time together, make a few interesting bets, and it’s some good time together. Try to pick a sport you both like, however.
  5. Pictures with Frames. When I say pictures, I mean a picture of them playing their sport with a frame that runs with the theme of sports. What if they don’t play sports? How about one of both of you, together at a game or anyplace else?
  6. Clothes or Jerseys. This idea is for anyone. This is such a simple idea, you might write it off. Don’t. Who is their favorite player? Get them a jersey or a shirt with their name and number. What about if you play a sport? Get them one with your name or number. Either way, they’ll remember you either way. As an added bonus, add a spray (NOT the entire bottle)  of your favorite smell (cologne or perfume) onto the material so they’ll have you on them.

Well, I certainly hope this list was helpful. I had to trim down the list as well as repeat some of the things previously mentioned. To be fair, you can get these gifts for pretty much anyone in your life. I tried to recreate a list where people can appreciate sports and each other, which brings me to my last point:

Always make sure that love comes first. Sure, sports are great, but isn’t having the feeling of being love better? Also, if you don’t like my suggestions (which is perfectly fine with me), check out this site for gifts having almost nothing to do with sports. Remember too, each person is different. Listen to those little hints about stuff they want. If you need more help, search online for some relationship advice.

I hope you do like this list, and I hope your Sweetest Day is absolutely wonderful. Until next time,


Custom Jersey Shore

Jerseys: a great way to show who you root for. Depends on what type you get, they can be cheap or super expensive. Yes, there are many types of jerseys. You have replicas, authentic jerseys, and a few others. There’s plenty to go around for basketball fans, as well as baseball, football, soccer, and hockey fans. You’ll have some colleges that have jerseys for sale as well, but it depends on the college.

The athletes wear jerseys, so why can’t the fans?

I decided to write about this because of the popularity of jerseys. Most sports fans have at least one jersey. But what’s the difference in quality or price?

First off, some jerseys will either have a name or not. Usually jerseys are cheaper without names or numbers, but that’s not always the case. Case in point, I went to a sporting goods store (no names here to protect the stores, or something like that) to look for a Cincinnati Reds jersey. I’m not a big fan of the new look they have now, so I always look for the away jersey set. I look at a blank (no name/number) jersey, and it was for $70. Of course, custom jerseys do cost more because of the stitching and personalization of the jersey.

Also, keep in mind that jersey prices depend on the player. If that said player is no longer on the team or not as popular, you might save some money. If they changed numbers, like Ken Griffey Jr. did while with Cincinnati, this can save you money (like it did for myself.)

Now here’s some different types of jerseys. I am basing my information based off a few articles from Pacers Digest, a Fanzz page, an eBay user, and this video from the NFL.

Replica jerseys are the cheapest to make and the cheapest to buy. These are screen pressed jerseys that aren’t of the highest quality but will work if you are on a budget. The jerseys themselves are of good quality, it’s just the letters and numbers are just pressed. Like I previously mentioned, these are nice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a jersey.

The Swingman jerseys are only made in the NBA and are the half step between replica and authentic. These are sewn together (but not as much as an authentic jersey) and look more like the real thing. Considered a great deal to NBA fans, these don’t carry the price tag of authentic tops but look about the same. For the NFL fans, the Swingmans are comparable to the Single-Stitch tackle twill jerseys but not actually called Swingmans.

Authentic jerseys are the real deal. Stitched in, just like the players wear. However, the players “personalities” sold separately. Of course, with the higher quality comes the higher price tag. These are perfect for frames or for the biggest fans only insisting on quality.

Also targeted for female fans are pink jerseys. These aren’t worn by the players, but it is aimed for females wanting to root for their teams. Of course, some females might just want to wear the actual jerseys rather than the all-pink creations.

As a mention for MLB fans, it is important to look for the hologram on the tag. If there isn’t a hologram sticker, it is a fake type of jersey that is very cheaply made and of poor quality but it claims it is an authentic jersey. If you go back to the eBay site, it shows an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey that the team has never worn before (to prove it, the first picture is from the infancy years of the franchise and the second picture is what they wear now.) Most hardcore fans can spot this and pass this, but you always have to watch.

Speaking of fakes, there are super cheap fake jerseys that are for sale at most stores. These do not have anything in common with the team with the exception of colors, logos, and scripts. While these are less quality than replicas, they are cheap and do show off your fanship. Supermarkets will carry these.

I remember reading something where different types of hockey jerseys had fighting straps and some didn’t. However, I can’t find anything online about it, so I didn’t talk about it in a great length.

Custom jerseys are a great gift to friends, family, and lovers. That statement totally isn’t a preview of an article I’m working on next week, I promise. Jerseys are great presents and any fan will be proud to wear them. Next time you get a jersey, wear it with pride (unless it’s a fake jersey that doesn’t spell the team’s name right…oh wait that’s what the players wore?!)

Until next article,


Sports Gear Solid

Here’s a question for all you sports fans. How many own multiple pieces of clothes that have a team name or logo on it? What exactly is it: jerseys? Shirts? Shorts? Headbands? Temporary tattoos? Hats? Sweatshirts? Coats?

There is a lot of stuff out there made for the fans. There’s fake street signs, pennants,  posters, garden gnomes, office supplies, paperweights, and much more. If you can think of it, then they probably make it.

Clothes are pretty much a normal choice. People can see who you root for. Shirts, sweatshirts, replica jerseys (which I write about in the future), caps, and outerwear are the norm. There’s even more, like socks, shoes, shorts and sweats, headbands and wristbands, watches, and underwear. That’s the majority of the stuff you can wear, but what about the others?

There’s flags, banners and pennants, key-chains, foam fingers, coffee cups, license plate frames,  stuffed animals, and more. When I say more, I mean garden gnomes, wet floor signs (see the picture), and other oddities in various shops.

I could go on and on about all the stuff you can buy. However, the main point is to think about all of these items.

As a sports fan myself, I can say I have plenty of shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, and other clothes to last a few weeks. I have a few pennants, as well as a few hats and a few bobbleheads like the Adam Dunn bobblehead from 80’s night a few years back in Cincinnati.

Do sports fans really need some of these things? What is the main purpose of a garden gnome anyway? Isn’t wearing your pride good enough?

Of course, it’s my opinion that some of these things aren’t needed, but maybe you do need them. Maybe wearing the gear from your team isn’t enough. Maybe visitors need to see you who root for…even outside in your garden.

To wrap it all up, there’s plenty of stuff to buy out there to show your fanhood.

I did mention jerseys earlier and I might tackle the different types of jerseys later on (replica, authentic, etc.) Until next time, readers.


The Way Things Wore

Hello again, dear reader. It seems like basketball season is around the corner. Forget about the gridiron and forget about the diamond playoffs. Heck, forget about the sport of basketball and let’s talk about jerseys.

Before you ask, yes I have written about this stuff before and yes there are better articles out there about this stuff. I haven’t mentioned all the changes though in the NBA. Also, if you want to read more about jerseys, go read Uni Watch (that has more stuff about jerseys than I could ever cover.) The bulk of this post will go over the big changes (small stuff like changing colors of stripes like Minnesota’s jerseys will NOT be covered).

First off for you Ohioans is the Cleveland Cavaliers. For some odd reason, I can’t put my finger on why these jerseys look so familiar. The text kind of reminds me of the New Jersey Nets font, but that’s not it. Keeping the same color scheme of maroon and gold, the home jerseys say “Cavaliers” on the front and the away ones with “Cleveland”. The shorts have the “Sword-C” logo on both sides. The font on the jerseys are also part of the new basketball court Cleveland put in.

Next up, the Jazz of Utah. How about this, a return and upgrade of an old logo and a recoloring of a current logo? That’s right, the “Basketball Mountain” has a third color palette swap, with the new mountains becoming green. Purple does not make an appearance in the new color swap. Along with the mountain comes the famous music note, which has roots back in the original location of New Orleans. As for the new jerseys, they are a flashback to the musical note days. A few differences includes the note not blowing out the word “Utah” (just click here please, it’s the best way I can describe it.)

Third up to bat is the Golden State Warriors. Stop me if you heard this before…an upgrade to an old logo? The Warriors will now use the old “Golden Gate Bridge Circle” on their jerseys. This is more closer to the jerseys worn in 1966-1971, without “The City” text. The players numbers will be in the circle. also returning is the Royal Blue and Gold color scheme.

The Orlando Magic have updated their main logo. Notice that the “A” in Magic is now an actual A instead of a star, which started up when the Magic started playing. The jerseys will start carrying the new font. The magical basketball from the last logo will make a solid return.

The Los Angeles Clippers will now be wearing red away jerseys with “Los Angeles” on the front (instead of “Clippers”). For some odd reason, the script looked familiar. At first I thought it was the Atlanta Braves script, but then I thought about the away jerseys for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The “A” is too different on the Dodgers jerseys but it matches up perfectly with the new Clipper font. I know, different sports but sometimes you’ll see the same style of script being used on different jerseys. Also worth noting is the main logo for the Clippers has the basketball slightly tilted and the “third line” gone. I had to look on the Sports Logos message boards to see the change.

Lastly as a mention to the Horizon League and college sports, the Valparaiso Crusaders are apparently crafting a new set of logos. Instead of the cartoon-like logo, these new logos look more lifelike. While the old logo looks like it’s copying Notre Dame’s logo in terms of the mascot fighting, the new one has a shield with a flame on it in a shape of a V and wearing a helmet covering the face. On the new logos, the old font is replaced with a more vanilla font. I’m not how usable the new Crusader logo is in terms of font usage and the knight itself. A lot of Valparaiso’s teams used that font on their jerseys (there were a few baseball jerseys that didn’t). It will be interesting to see how these changes look in 2010-2011.

I left out my opinions out on these new changes, mainly because I didn’t want my thoughts tainting the news. If you don’t like the new changes, that’s your taste.

Also, do jerseys really change how the game is played? Not really. Maybe it changes on how it LOOKS, but it doesn’t change the sport. These might leave a sore taste in fans mouths, but remember it’s just a logo. It’s just a jersey.

See you next time.