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Tales of the Traveling Trophy of Miami

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Just the other day, I had the chance to broadcast from the campus of Miami University-Hamilton Branch. While this might sound like just another day in the office, it was special because of the fact it was for a trophy (my first call with a special prize at the end of the game.)

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The 345 Challenge

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This post is about something I found on StumbleUpon and thought you, the reader, might enjoy. I found this quiz and thought those of you College Basketball fans would like to give it a try. It’s located on JetPunk.com, which has a lot of quizzes out there for the general public.

This quiz has the taker to list all Division I schools that play basketball. Currently, there are 345 schools the quiz asks for.

It is a tough feat to list all of the teams on the quiz. I will admit, I’ve only made it to about 80% filled. You get twenty minutes to guess all 345.

Give it a try! If college basketball isn’t your thing, check this link out and take another sports quiz.

Source of information from StumbleUpon and jetpunk.com.

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Fish Migrate South

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It soon will be an end of an era, as the Florida Marlins will be no more. Taking their place in the World of MLB, are the Miami Marlins. When the Fish move into the new ballpark created just for baseball on the old site of the Orange Bowl, the Florida part of the name will be shed.

While the logos and jerseys will be officially revealed Friday the 11th, leaks have shown us that the possibility is real that the new South Beach Fish will dispose of the teal and go with a more orange appeal. Granted, the Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami have orange in their color scheme. Also according to the leaks, it looks like the Marlins will have an away jersey with their city name, which they had until about 2009 (they didn’t wear the Florida jerseys at all in 2011.) Keep in mind, they are leaks and could be totally different from what we see now.

Things have been busy in this 2011-2012 off-season, such as naming the bordering streets around the new field. Let’s not forget, there’s a new manager at the helm in former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Also an important change, this Marlins group is looking to spend some serious cash. Usually this is a team that would rather save the money rather than spend it. Also, the Marlins have created an unique display whenever a Marlin hits a home run. You can see it here, also I have no comment. I do like the fish tanks near the good seats, though.

In my honest opinion, I’m a bigger fan of teams that use a city name rather than a state. There’s some teams that make the state-name work, like the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Indiana Pacers, and others. I do like that Miami’s name will be along with the team, as well as the new stadium on the old grounds of some great Miami sports history. It will be an interesting season.

I know basing an opinion on a leaked, unofficial picture is quite absurd, but I’m not completely on board with the neon-inspired colors. Orange, I do get is a Miami sport color. Such past teams like the Miami Hooters had orange. I would like to see the teal stay along with the orange, because that would symbolize when the franchise first began in 1993 and the new move in 2011.

Come Friday, November 11th, 2011: the Florida Marlins will be no more. The Miami Marlins will begin their life and prepare for the 2012 season.

Sources of information from the Miami Herald, sportslogo.net, and SB Nation.

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The Rebuilding Years

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As you might know, I was the play-by-play voice for the Dayton Air Strikers that played in the International Basketball League. What some people might not know is that I was an intern for the Air Striker team that was in the Premier Basketball League.

Dayton has joined the PBL again for the 2012 season, joining the Rochester RazorSharks. But what’s happening with the other teams that played against Dayton and Rochester? Remember the Quebec Kebs? How about the Saint John Mill Rats? Don’t forget the Halifax Rainmen, the Vermont Frost Heaves (who folded mid-season), the Lawton-Fort Sill Calvary, and the Kentucky Bluegrass Stallions. Well, there was a big fallout where the owners basically called the league and refs a joke. Quebec, Halifax, and Saint John left to help form the National Basketball League of Canada. Lawton-Fort Sill ceased operations entirely, and the Kentucky Bluegrass Stallions decided not to be in the PBL (but still no decision about this upcoming season has been made.) Dayton also left too, but they returned after the IBL summer season ended.

On the boards, it seemed like everyone saw the demise of the PBL. However, that has not happened. The PBL has added nine new teams and plans on more. Now in the mix with Rochester and Dayton are the Lake Michigan Admirals, the Indiana Diesels, the Northwest Indiana Stars, the Sauk Valley Predators, the Central Illinois Drive, the Charleston Gunners, the Chicago Muscle, and the Scranton-Wilkes Barre franchise. Yes, the SWB team is still looking for a name and logo. The newest franchise is the Saint Louis Phoenix, hot off the presses.

So that’s eleven teams so far. The mix is a good Midwestern trip, ranging from New York to the Arch. If you remember last year, there were three stops in Northeast Canada, all the way to Oklahoma. This cuts down on a lot of the travel. There’s a lot of opportunity for the PBL to succeed in 2012, with a big basketball league stuck in a lockout (and one player from Twitter saying it might last two years.)

One area the PBL could consider expanding in is Wisconsin or Minnesota. There’s some good basketball talent up North, but it still maintains the current Midwestern feel the league has going.

We still have lots of time before the 2012 season, so we might see more teams in the mix. One thing I know though, Dayton is ready to play again.

Sources of information from thepbl.com, metronews.ca, Our Sports Central, and the picture is from flickr user chuckthewriter.

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Arena of Dreams

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As you know, we’re about ready for this upcoming hockey season. Preseason games have already started, and the NHL has filled a 15-year void in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As luck would have it, there’s some shuffling going on in Quebec (who are 16-years and counting without a hockey team.) Yes, I know I already wrote an article about the Quebec Nordiques, but I figured this would help me get out of my writing slump.

Recently, a bill was passed dealing with a new arena in Quebec City. With this new arena, perhaps we can see the northern-most NHL skate again? As of right now, there’s no promise of the NHL returning to Quebec City. There’s no promises of expansion, relocation, or anything else. While building an arena that is regulated for a NHL team is a positive step, there’s no guarantees.

What exactly does this bill do? Is it just for the arena to be built? Not exactly. Bill 204 is to protect the company from lawsuits.

According to the article from CBC, the bill is designed to protect Montreal-based Quebecor from any lawsuit dealing with the arena. It also gives Quebecor control of the estimated $400 Million arena.

In exchange, Quebecor would shell out $33 million, about 15 per cent of the profits, and would agree to use the arena for community events. Out of the 125 seats available in the legislature, 98 agreed to pass Bill 204.

While the article makes it seem that it’s imminent that we’d see the return of Quebec in the NHL (and so does this one, interviewing the owner who moved the original franchise to Colorado), it seems like the comments are going the other away.

If you check out the comments of the CBC article, there’s some actually hoping the Nordiques never return. There’s one that says that the Nordiques 2.0 won’t be the same in terms of the rivalry with the Montreal Canadians, the team itself, and everything else. There’s one comment also quoting how this is a lot of money to possibly get the team back.

I’ll be honest when I say I have no knowledge on the government processes of Quebec City, the province of Quebec, and Canada, but why would there be a need to pass a bill just to protect an arena building? It does seem crooked to me. Apparently, the commentators agree too. Just look at most of those comments.

While I would love to see the Quebec Nordiques return, I don’t want to see the government tax innocent citizens that might have troubles staying alive. If it’s based on someone’s ego or someone’s health, I don’t want to see it happen.

So…the Quebec Nordiques. Will we see them again? Possibly. Will we see a new arena being built for no reason as the NHL says no to a relocation or expansion? Maybe.

Only time will tell.

Sources of information from the Canadian Broadcasting Centre and NBC Sports. Picture from bestsportsphotos.com.

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