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CBS Sports – An App Review

 Greetings readers,

Today I am reviewing the CBS Sports app, available on Android’s Google Play and the Apple App Store. The CBS Sports is developed by OneLouder.

Currently (as of 4/16/2013), CBS Sports has an average rating of 4.4 from 16,501 votes on Google Play and a combined rating of 3 out of 5 from 50,517 votes at the App Store (but the current version  has a 4.5 out of 5 from 109 votes.)

This app was previously called SportCaster, also developed by OneLouder Apps (they also make TweetCaster which is an app I use quite frequently.) Eventually, the CBS name took over the app and the SportCaster name was dropped after.

One thing I loved about the old SportCaster app was the tweets about games and teams. None of the apps I reviewed had that feature, so that’s what made SportCaster unique and on my mobile phone. Fast forward from 2011 to 2013, and CBS Sports still has that feature. You access it from the settings menu.

One thing that was worked on was the lack of sports. From my old review of SportCaster, there was only American Football (NCAA and NFL.) With CBS Sports, you have the options to follow your favorite teams as well as numerous European Football leagues, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, and both pro and college basketball.

You can also receive notifications on your favorite teams or any breaking news of major events from CBS Sports. These are customization options for these, including turning them off.

The front page is the big news stories. To get to the scores, you pull the menu down to pick the league you want or pick “My Teams” to see those scores. On the score screen, you can pull down news stories and see tweets from the team representatives (writers, actual teams Twitter, etc…)

While finding the tweets and news stories take a little bit getting used to, it is a good setup. I like the customization of the app, and I think it deserves a home on your mobile device. From this sportscaster, it’s a recommended app.

Sources of info from the Google Play and Apple App Store sites. Ratings/votes are current as of 11:57 AM on April 16th, 2013.

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Puck Flyingz in Dayton

Greetings readers,

It’s almost hockey season in the Miami Valley. While hockey fans deal with a looming NHL Lock-Out, there’s still hockey to be watched.

If you remember earlier in the year, Dayton was supposed to get the Dayton Devils in the Federal Hockey League and the Dayton Aeros in the Midwest Junior Hockey League. Will we still see these two teams?

Well, the Dayton Aeros have already started playing…in Monroe, Michigan. In the summer, the organization moved to Michigan (as early as July 29th). For those who don’t know, Monroe is south of Detroit, on Interstate 75. It was mentioned on the Dayton Aeros Facebook page, which has since been deleted. From what I’ve heard, the Aeros are supposed to return to Dayton for the 2013-2014 season.

Currently in 2012, the Dayton Aeros are 3-2-1 in six games, tied for 4th with the Soo Firehawks and the Holland River Bandits. The Hartland Hounds are currently in first with a 9-0-0 record. The only Ohio team, the Northwest Ohio Grrrowl, are tied for 8th with a 1-3-0 record with the Rhinelander Street Cats.

Will we see the Dayton Aeros travel south for next season? We’ll just have to wait and see. As for this season, the closest junior hockey around appears to be in Sylvania, Ohio.

The Dayton Devils are still playing at Hara Arena this season, but they will be known as the Dayton Demonz. Due to issues with the name, the Devils had to be renamed (because the New Jersey Devils have that locked down, and Dayton is not an affiliate so the name is off-limits.)

The Demonz are also now an affiliate with the Fort Wayne Komets of the ECHL, who are the affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks. If you remember last year when the Dayton Gems were around, the Komets were one of the biggest rivals to skate against the home team in Hara Arena.

The Federal Hockey League will consist of six teams, one west of Dayton. The other four are east, with three around the New York-New England area. The Williamsport Outlaws will play their home games outside, instead of an arena. Airmen Pond at Bowman Field is actually a baseball stadium, with the ice rink being built right near home plate. If you are interested in such things, you can see how they built this rink at this website here.

So the Demonz are here to play for 2012-2013. There’s some hockey at Hara once again.

Sources of information from WONE 980AM, the Federal Hockey League, and MLive.com.

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A Knight in Sir Dayton’s Court

Greetings readers,

It’s currently football season, but there’s talks of basketball happening now in the Miami Valley. You have your college hoops, then you have high school hoops. Then there’s the professional hoops happening in Dayton.

The Air Strikers are coming back for a fourth season in Dayton. Once thought to have folded, the Strikers found a fit in the Independent Basketball Association. Some of the opponents are familiar to Dayton, including the Gary Splash and the Lansing Capitals. The season, instead of waiting until January, will start on November 3rd. Also, while the home venue has not been established on the website, it does mention on the bottom paragraph of the page in their “newly renovated home venue.”

There will also be Knights playing basketball in Dayton, too.

The Dayton Knights will play in the Universal Basketball Association. In the UBA, there are a some teams around the Miami Valley, including the Cincinnati Slam. It is not currently known on where the Knights will play or who will play (as tryouts are happening soon.) What is known is Allen Drake will take the reigns as the owner and head coach. Drake is a graduate of Urbana University, which is north of Springfield, Ohio. There is no schedule up to this point, as well.

Will the Knights play the Air Strikers for a pre-season tune up? Will both teams complete their seasons? Only time will tell.

So if you live in the Miami Valley, there are now two more ways to get some basketball locally.

Sources of information from the Dayton Air Strikers website and the Dayton Knights Facebook page.

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The Capital Double (Trouble)

Greetings readers,

I read recently on the Columbus Dispatch asking the readers if the city would be able to hold a NBA team and share a venue with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Currently, there are two pro teams in Columbus. You have the Crew for soccer fans, along with the Blue Jackets in the NHL. There are a few markets that have both a NHL and a NBA team, like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto to name a few.

While a basketball team sounds nice in Columbus, will fans actually see the product? Columbus has had a few basketball teams before, recently the Horizon and the Quest.

One thing you can argue with the possibility of a basketball team is that one college in town. Of course, I mean Columbus State Community College. In all seriousness, Ohio State, Capital, Otterbein…there is a ton of college sports fans, mainly Buckeye fans.

Second, basketball has come and gone throughout Columbus. What makes this plan any sturdier than the others? The Blue Jackets used to fill the arena night in and night out, but the numbers are indeed shrinking.

Third thing: Cleveland is nearby. Would the Cavaliers mind/want a fellow foe just down Interstate 71?

One thing I would like to see is Cincinnati getting a franchise back, but would what do well with the Pacers and Cavs nearby? That’s not relevant to this, though.

Could a NBA franchise work in Columbus? With enough support, I think it would succeed. However, take into account there’s college basketball to watch in the area as well. I say draft some local college folks to play, and you have a good start.

We’ll see what happens. I don’t think Columbus will get that said NBA franchise, but it’s always fun to speculate. In the meantime, support the Crew and Blue Jackets.

Until next time,


Shopping Sporty

Greetings readers,

If you like sporting goods stores inside your favorite mall which happens to be in Montgomery County, you’re in for a treat.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is moving from about a minute north of the Dayton Mall, to the old DSW store near Sears.

The project will be the biggest addition since the “Dayton Mall Village” was added in 2005 (you know, when the northern parking lots were taken for more store lots because The Greene was becoming an actual thing?). With Dick’s Sporting Goods coming in, you can forget about that empty space that Designer Shoe Warehouse and FYE left recently. All in all, the new store should take up over 50,000 square feet.

If you’re familiar to the area, you know that Fairfield Commons has a Dick’s Sporting Goods in the mall (two levels, too!) It was around 2005-2006ish when the store decided to move from a tiny shopping plaza across North Fairfield and take up space that was originally a store selling model trains (and countless other things before that.)

This is a big addition for the Dayton Mall. Currently, the Dick’s Sporting Goods is about a minute drive north of the mall (it depends on how traffic is that day, I suppose.)

I don’t know if this will be a two-story store or not, but it doesn’t need to be. First off, there would be no 2nd floor to connect it to (unless the mall added a wing on that floor, but good luck filling it.) Second off, I think the space will be enough for what the new store needs.

This will add a lot of traffic to an already busy mall, but it will add some competition. Yes, there is a Hibbett Sports in the opposite wing next to Elder-Beerman. From what I’ve seen, Hibbett carries a lot of local colleges (correction, Ohio State and Kentucky) stuff and isn’t busy whenever I pass by the lunch hour. How the two will duel, I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait until Spring 2013 (or Fall 2012 if some reports are correct.)

With this addition, I wonder if the Tri-County Mall will be up next for Dick’s Sporting Goods to into (again, near the mall and there’s still an anchor space where JCPenney’s used to be.) I’d say Kenwood Towne Centre is up next, but there’s not that much room and they have a store at the old Kenwood Mall (ask your mother on that one.) This might already be happening in your area.

Well, happy shopping!

Source of information from the Dayton Daily News (article written by Mark Fisher.) Picture from joerisko.com.

Until next time,


Build an Arena for the King (County)

Greetings readers,

Looks like Seattle might soon have a new arena, just what the Seattle Supersonics wanted all those moons ago around 2008. With the possibilities of the new arena, Seattle could land another NBA franchise and possibly a NHL team as well. If the city/county approves with aiding some $200 Million to the pot, the rest would be covered by private investors. Also, the arena won’t be built until one of the leagues guarantee a team would move to Seattle or a new franchise would be granted.

In total, the arena would cost around the ballpark of $450-$500 Million. The new building will be placed in Seattle’s SoDo district, which is just south of Safeco Field (where the Mariners play.)

Seattle is one of the few markets that do not have three or more professional sports franchises in the “Big Four”.

While this announcement certainly puts pressure on the court for the New Orleans Hornets and Sacramento Kings and on the ice for the Phoenix Coyotes, it also dampers on the process going on in Quebec City, trying to lure a NHL team back.

It will be interesting to see the Arena Wars between Quebec City and Seattle. While Seattle still has to get approval for public funds, the group “J’ai Ma Place” has revealed that all seventy-four corporate suites have been filled. The group is also responsible for selling 8,000 seats in the new, proposed Quebec City arena.

As of right now, the Sacramento Kings are trying to get a new arena and have set a deadline sometime in March. It’s not clear what the effect will be to Seattle if the Kings stay put.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It’d be great to see the Green and Gold back in Seattle, but things have to fall in place, first.

Sources of information from ESPN and lfpress.com.

Until next time,


A City Without a Jacket

Greetings readers,

If you’ve been following the Columbus Blue Jackets this year, you would know that this year is one to forget. Yes, the Jackets did record some solid wins over the Detroit Red Wings (for the first win of the season, after starting 0-7-1) and the Winnipeg Jets, but the rest of the year has been a bummer.

As of January 22nd, the Blue Jackets are last in the National Hockey League with 13 wins and 32 points, six points behind the Edmonton Oilers who have 38 points. Columbus is coming off a 3-2 shootout loss at Detroit, who leads the NHL with 65 points and a 32-15-1 record.

The next home game for Columbus is February 7th against the Minnesota Wild. The game I’m going to next is two days after, when the Dallas Stars come to town (There’s a Career Fair that day, too.)

So you might wonder why this post exists. Is it to bash on the Blue Jackets? No. Is it to hammer in the fact that the Jackets are not doing well this year when expectations were high? No. The point is, we Ohioans are lucky to have the Blue Jackets.

What if we lose them, though?

If you look at comments from other users, say ESPN, on the article about Scott Arniel’s firing, you’ll see some comments saying “Move them to Quebec City or Hamilton (Canada, not Ohio)!!” That could happen, you know.

These rumors have been swirling around the Phoenix Coyotes for the longest time, and could very well happen soon if a buyer decides to fork the cash over. Same thing can happen to the Jackets.

You could argue with anyone saying that Columbus could be a better hockey market than Phoenix, that the Coyotes have had longer time to become successful (1996 compared to 2000, or 1997 if you want to include the year the NHL gave Columbus the team), and every positive point for the Jackets. However, the buyer won’t care about those if there’s an opportunity to purchase, relocate, and profit.

What would the loss of the hockey team do to Columbus? Well, you have loss of jobs for one. People who work in the arena would see hours slashed, jobs cut, and what would be the point of the FSN Ohio Blue Line stores in the arena and Tuttle Crossing Mall when there’s no hockey team? Second, the Arena District would take a hit. Less people buying means less profits.

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s Ohio State!” Okay, but that’s a bit north of Nationwide. Sure, the Buckeyes could play a lot more in Nationwide Arena, but where does that leave The Schott? More importantly, what if someone doesn’t like Ohio State or college sports in general? How do you attract the fan then?

There’s also the Columbus Crew, but that’s also far north from the Arena District and during the months where the Blue Jackets don’t play.

While you could try bringing professional basketball back to Columbus, there’s no guarantees that will plug the loss of the Blue Jackets to the city. Would it be a repeat of the Columbus Horizon? Also, would Nationwide be too big for a new basketball team?

Argue all you want, but losing the Blue Jackets would hurt Columbus. So, embrace that you still have a hockey team, even though it’s been a tough ride for the Jackets.

Stats from ESPN, recorded on January 22nd, 2012.

Until next time,