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Send Us Sonics

Greetings readers,

“Change your profile pictures if you want the Seattle Supersonics back!” According to this article, if you change your picture, that will force the NBA to bring a team to the state of Washington. Will this work in the long run?

While I had the All-Star game on the TV, I found the movie Sonicsgate online and decided to watch that. I knew losing the basketball team hurt a lot of the fans in Seattle and the nation, but I don’t think I’ve truly knew what was missing.

You might be asking why this is a topic for me in my blog. I think it’s neat that people are teaming up for a cause to bring a historic franchise back to a city. I wasn’t a fan of the team moving to Oklahoma City. To me, it seems like a random place to have a professional team. Then again, look at Portland and Sacramento. I know I’ve mentioned the issue of getting new arenas or moving to another market. However, this is about taking arguably Seattle’s best team and moving it somewhere else.

With all the social networking today, it’s easier for people to contact their favorite athletes, teams, news and sports media. While it certainly worked for Egypt’s movement to remove their leader, can it really work in the sports world?

Will Seattle ever see another NBA franchise? I hope so, but time will tell. Will changing your Facebook picture to a logo of the Supersonics bring the team back? Possibly.

Speaking on teams moving from their current home, that seems like it’ll be a theme this week. Not to spoil anything, but there’s another team on the Western front that might make a move.

To close out the article, I’m going to recommend you the reader to watch Sonicsgate when you can (I mention when you can, because it’s roughly two hours.)

Source of information from the Bleacher Report. The entire movie “Sonicsgate” can be seen in its entirety on sonicsgate.org and YouTube.

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Pink Slips O’Brien

Greetings readers,

The Indiana Pacers recently fired Head Coach Jim O’Brien. In his fourth year as the coach, the Pacers were 17-27 and in 10th place in the Eastern Conference. You can read Indiana’s press release here. O’Brien’s last game was in the city of Chicago, as his Pacers looked to build on a one-game winning streak after defeating the New Jersey Nets in Indianapolis. Before the win at Conseco Fieldhouse, the Pacers were on a six game losing streak.

While Indiana kept it close throughout three quarters, it was the Bulls who would come away with a 110-89 win.

There was a lot of flack by the fans on the Pacers message boards about benching Josh McRoberts when he was having a career night in Chicago. We’re not talking a benching that lasted a few minutes, we’re talking about a benching that lasted almost all of the fourth quarter. There’s also been an uproar by the fans to can O’Brien since the longest time. One of the things people couldn’t stand about his coaching style was the inconsistent rotations and minutes played.  There were also complaints that his system just didn’t work, at least with the talent he had at Indiana.

Jim O’Brien walks away from Indiana with a 121-169 record. He stands at a 303-327 clip all time as a coach in the NBA.

While this might appear to be a post only relevant to the Pacers fans, there is actually a local tie to the Miami Valley in this story. Jim O’Brien was the head coach at the University of Dayton from 1989 until 1994. It would be his second job as a head coach in the college ranks, his first being with Wheeling Jesuit and going 74-69 with the Cardinals. While O’Brien saw success in his first year with the Flyers, going 22-10 and defeating Illinois in the Big Dance, his next few years were not so good. His last two years saw a mere ten victories out of forty-seven games. According to this article published by the Dayton Daily News about a year ago, he doesn’t follow the Flyers after being let go by then-AD Ted Kissell.

UD Pride has a topic about Jim O’Brien in their message boards (read here). A post mentions how O’Brien said his firing at UD was a mistake, although he went 10-47 in his last two years.

I first saw this happening from Indy Cornrows on Twitter, saying Jim O’Brien is done. The topic exploded on Twitter shortly after that. The Pacers then called a 4:00 press conference to announce the new head coach, which is now Frank Vogel who was an assistant with O’Brien this season.

There is an article here explaining why some fans were too harsh on O’Brien. There is also a few more problems that people saw this season. To counter that article, there was an article published on January 16th of this year from Pacers Gab asking some readers of the Indianapolis Star why they wanted O’Brien gone.

While O’Brien might be a good guy in the public eye, he did not fare well as the head coach of the Pacers, failing to get near the .500 mark for three overall seasons. He continued the playoff-less streak since Rick Carlisle’s last season in Indiana.

Will Jim O’Brien pick up another head coaching gig? Only time will tell. Will the Pacers make the playoffs, like Larry Bird planned, with Vogel as the interim coach? There’s still plenty of season to play.

Sources of information from the Dayton Daily News, Indy Cornrows, UD Pride, Pacers Gab, and the homepage of the Indiana Pacers.

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Sterling Sez

Greetings readers,

You might have read this article already, but the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is calling out one of his players. It’s Baron Davis receiving the criticism from Donald Sterling.

As you know, the Clippers have had a history of losing. Only a few winning seasons in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Buffalo (as the Braves.) The Blue and Red have to share the 2nd biggest market with the Purple and Gold Lakers, not to mention the same arena in the Staples Center. The Clippers are 6-21 after a win in Detroit. That record can be considered as a huge disappointment with a new head coach and better talent on the court.

Donald T. Sterling has owned the franchise since 1981 back when the Clippers played in San Diego. He lobbied to the NBA to move the franchise to Los Angeles in 1984. While there is a rumor that Sterling wants to sell the franchise, he has been spending a lot more money lately ever since snagging Elton Brand. Currently, he has written a big paycheck for Baron Davis.

It’s rare for owners to publicly criticize, but it’s common for owners to do so in the privacy away from today’s hungry media and leagues wanting to fine.

So the question is this: is Sterling right or is Davis receiving too harsh of criticism?

Let’s look at Baron Davis’ stats. A graduate of UCLA, this Bruins product averages 8.3 points per game, 2.4 rebounds per game, and 5.8 assists per game. With eleven years of experience on the court, Davis is averaging 23.9 minutes per game in the month of December. In November, he only played ten minutes in a game against the Hornets in New Orleans. In three games in October, Davis was averaging 33 minutes per game, not playing any less than 32 minutes. With that being said, November was not kind to Davis.

Davis is shooting around 35% on the season, with an icy cold 18.8% for the three. On the free throws, the UCLA product is shooting 67.9%.

Granted, Davis doesn’t have the eye-popping numbers. However, he takes the rookies under his wing and mentors them. These rookies include Blake Griffin, who is expected to continue having a monster year. Along for the ride under Davis’s wing is Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu. So Davis does help out when he can while injured. It’s not something you’ll see on the stats, but something you can see on the court.

The 31-year-old has admitted he’d like to play until he’s 38 on this article from ESPN. If he actually gets to that point though is another story.

So wherever you choose to believe Sterling’s in the right or being classless, it’s happening. In the public eye (and ear.)

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Mascot Midnight Madness Mayhem!

Greetings readers,

Last week, I had someone ask me why the Cleveland Cavaliers have a dog as a mascot, when they are the Cavaliers. I thought it brought up an interesting point. Sometimes the mascot suit itself doesn’t go along with the nickname of the athletic team. I know this might be common to some teams, probably your favorite team does this too.

First off, what are the purposes of mascots themselves? It’s to bring entertainment to the casual fans and everyone alike. I bring up the casual fans just because the people there to watch their teams won’t notice the mascot unless they do something to interrupt the game itself or walk right by them. It also brings an additional feel to the environment, to make it the team’s own. Are mascots needed, by any chance? Not entirely. Like I mentioned before, the casual fans love them and children also love mascots as well.

There’s probably a lot more teams that I don’t mention here,  but I’ll mention a few. Of course, I should mention that this isn’t the important thing of sports, but it is an interesting topic.

Indiana Pacers– If you don’t know what a Pacer is (I didn’t either when I first saw a game in 2009), it’s a combination of horse racing pacers and the pace car used in the auto racing field (moreso at the Indianapolis 500.) Both of those things have rich histories in Indiana, and there’s an interesting story on wherever to call the team Indiana or Indianapolis, but more on that later. That said, here’s Boomer and Bowser. Boomer is a cat and Bowser is a dog. Boomer, born in 1991, saw the beginning of the Reggie Miller era, while Bowser (2001) only saw a few years of the player now on TNT. If you look at their bios, it talks about what they like and don’t like (the one that made me laugh was “Bowser’s Salary: 365 Dog Bones.) Besides what I mentioned above, with the environment and the children, what does a dog and a cat have to do with a nickname based on an object in horse racing and auto racing? Granted, having someone dress up as a race car probably wouldn’t be something to remember, but it does raise an interesting a question.

Cleveland Cavaliers– The Cavs are currently rebuilding to replace their former star LeBron James, who is now playing for the Miami Heat as you know. One thing that never be taken away from the city of Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Enter Moondog (the picture you see on the article.) Disc Jockey Alan Freed coined the “Rock and Roll” phrase, as well as the “Moondog” nickname. If you want to see something funny though, check out Moondog’s profile on CavFanatic and look under favorite types of music. There is no mention of rock and roll but classical, jazz, and “sassy.”

Stanford University- This school from the PAC-10 calls itself the Cardinal (no ‘s’.) It’s different from Cardinals because it’s not referring to the bird but rather a color in the color palette. Until 1972, the school had a nickname of Indians. When that was dropped, the nickname was the Cardinals, but not representing the bird. In 1981, the school decided to drop the ‘s’ and stick with Cardinal. This is an interesting case, since the school itself does NOT recognize the tree as an official mascot. Granted, it is a representation of the El Pato Alto and the redwood trees. However, the media (sportscasts and college games) will still have the tree as their official mascot.

Troy Bruins- As you might know, I am an internee with the Bruins. Also, I wrote an article about Troy’s hockey team earlier in the year. One thing I didn’t mention is the mascot suit. If you are a Dayton Bombers fan back in the day, you might recognize the tale (no pun intended) of the squirrel who couldn’t fly since he broke his tail so he flew planes instead. It made sense, since the the Bombers were based on Dayton’s history of flight and had a logo of a fighter in their last logo. It kind of makes sense in Troy since it’s in the same area of Dayton and there is Waco Field, just a few minutes outside Troy’s limits.

Ottawa Senators- When you think of the term “Senators, chances are you are thinking about Politics in America. If you’re in Canada or you love some NHL, you think about the hockey team. The past few years have been splendid for this team born in 1992. This second-franchise of the Sens (first one played until 1934 and won 11 Stanley Cups)  has yet to win a Stanley Cup but did come close in the 2007 Finals. The term Senators does not represent what we Americans think and hear about on those news networks, but rather a form of a Roman General. The mascot suit itself is “Spartacat“, a lion that is proudly recognized within the city of Ottawa. Its rival is Carlton the Bear, the mascot of the Toronto Maple Leafs (originally I thought about talking about Carlton, but I decided to leave him out just because I didn’t want to have a super long article and bore the readers.) Spartacat has been with the Senators since 1992 as well.

Those are only a few examples of nicknames that don’t match with the mascot suits. Like I said earlier, it’s not a huge deal if this happens, but it can be common. This might warrant a few sequels (by sequels I mean future posts) on the subject, since I left out a few examples out.

It doesn’t matter who/what the mascot is, it just matters who you root for. The players make the team, not the mascot suits.

Until next time,


Concussed Out

Greetings again, dear readers. Let’s talk about the ugly side of sports: injuries.

As a fan of many sports and many teams, injuries are my least favorite thing to talk about while broadcasting. Every time an athlete doesn’t get back up right away, I fear for the worst.

Injuries are common among sports, as these activities command a lot from bodies. Sometimes, bodies tend to crumble under extreme stress.

It’s unfortunate that these do happen, but human bodies aren’t indestructible.  We are lucky to be living in these times though, where technologies exist to get the body fixed up to the best of the doctor’s abilities.

The picture I shared is the only one on Page 1 of Google images that I didn’t freak out entirely. The picture I used is a head-to-head collision of two New York Mets players.

Since the NFL season began again in 2010, there’s been an increase of people getting concussions. According to sportsinjuryclinic.net, a concussion is defined as a direct or indirect blow to the head which affects the brain. There are three levels of concussions: mild, moderate, and severe.

For mild concussions, these are harder to track due to the athlete still maintaining normal balance. You might have some memory loss or ringing in your ears, but will still maintain consciousness.

Moderate concussions are marked by worse symptoms (no kidding), including mental confusion, possible nausea or vomiting, and a loss of consciousness no longer than five minutes.

The severe concussions don’t mess around, as your blood pressure can increase, along with mental confusion and loss of consciousness longer than five minutes. The athlete should be off the field of action IMMEDIATELY, no matter what level of concussion they are facing.

For the most part, you hear about concussions more in football than any other sport due to the amount of physical contact everyone must make. Sometimes, you will have tackles or falls to the head. While football helmets have been made to cushion some of these blows, it’s not enough sometimes.

While I mentioned we live in truly great times for technology to repair injuries, you can never repair what you lose in your brain. Those said surgeries are good for patching up muscles, but not for repairing brain traumas. Once you do damage to your head, you’ll never be 100% again. In my honest opinion, you’ll never be 100% again with any injury that occurs. Too many injuries will have you on the sideline for the rest of your career…or worse. These things happen in any level of sport, and it’s a cryin’ shame to have them happen to anyone.

Whenever you play sports, always remember to be careful out there. You could be in a world of hurting with one wrong move.

Until next time,