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Streaming Flyers

Greetings readers,

I will be broadcasting three Dayton Flyers games this weekend! Today I have the call of a softball doubleheader against Saint Bonaventure, starting at 12:00 EST. It’s Senior Day for the Flyers, as they currently sit in 7th place in the Atlantic 10 Conference and look to squeeze in for a playoff spot. The Bonnies look to play spoiler today at UD Softball Stadium.

Tomorrow (May 5th, 2013), I will broadcast the Senior Day game for the Flyers baseball team, as they host George Washington. The Flyers are looking to split the series today, and possibly take the three-game set with the Colonials. I will have the call for my first Flyers baseball game without the other team being Wright State Sunday at 12:00.

Here’s the link for Saturday’s contests: http://daytonflyers.cstv.com/allaccess/?media=387509

Here’s the link for Sunday’s contest: http://daytonflyers.cstv.com/allaccess/?media=387516

Hope you can tune in!

Until next time,


Rebuilding the Wright Way

Greetings readers,

Today’s post is a little different. I’m writing about my alma mater, Wright State University. Granted, I’m a new graduate, but I still feel that it’s important for me to be updated on new happenings. For a little preview for those that aren’t familiar with what’s going on: Wright State is looking to roll out a Master Plan to rebuild the university. Three snapshots were made to ensure that short-term and long-term goals could be accomplished.

Wright State is unique, due to the woods that split the academics and the athletics side of the campus up. These are part of an old farmland that now have their uses for the Biology Department. It’s a nice walk through the woods, and you can actually traverse from the education side of things over to where most of the sports are played in about 15 minutes (your results may vary.)

In the Master Plan, there’s many changes coming but for the purpose of this blog I’ll stick with the Athletic side of things. If you follow along with the link I provided, this should be near the back of the slideshow.

In Phase I, which is scheduled to be completed in three to five years, the Athletics Core will try to extend Raider Road all the way to Kauffman Road. If you aren’t familiar with WSU, Raider Road is the road that runs by the Nutter Center (basketball arena), the Setzer Pavilion (practice/office arena for basketball), the softball field, and the parking lot that is used for the Tennis Courts and Nischwitz Stadium (baseball). Raider Road ends at University Boulevard which takes you to State Route 844 or back to the main part of campus. At the intersection, you will see Lot 20 (it’s a long way from the dorms but a lot cheaper to park there) and Alumni Field (soccer) closer to 844. To complete the description, Kauffman is the road that borders Wright State to the north. There are currently three entrances to campus from the road, and two link to Lot 20. The other connection is from Wright State Road, which ends at an angle at University. To do this, the lot will need to be cut in size as the road will need to pass the soccer field.

Along with extending an important road in Phase I, Wright State also wants to fill in some of the pond near the Nutter Center to create more parking spaces, which many basketball fans have brought to attention numerous times. Along with creating a pedestrian spine and landscapes for University and Raider, the recreation fields would move from the Student Union area to behind/next to Alumni Field. Nearby the Athletic core, there would be a Sports Medicine building by Kauffman.

Phase II is a short one for the Athletic side of things, as the relocation of the recreation fields is scheduled to be complete in five to ten years. However, there is another Sports Medicine building (labeled Sports Medicine II) nearby.

In the final Phase, which is scheduled to take ten plus years, the Athletic core is looking to build a “Field House” and an Aquatics Center.  Along with adding some fields to the northwest part of Wright State (that’s the corner of Zink and Kauffman, which is where the majority of the on-campus and off-campus apartments are located), there is a plan to add more parking spaces by opening a one-level parking deck north of the Nutter Center, which should be right next to Gate Nine.

In the final slide, there is Student Housing planned on the southwest corner of University and Raider, which is currently an untouched field of grass. The tennis courts are relocated to the north of Alumni Field, which happens in Phase I.

As you can see, there are a lot of improvements being planned. I didn’t touch on any other part but the Athletic core, mainly because this is a sports blog. I could have mentioned that there are plans to replace the Forest Lane apartments, where I spent three years living on campus. There’s also a few parking garages in the works.

All and all, this is a fantastic plan. Granted, no two people are going to agree on one same thing being the best or worst, but it’s a solid plan to keep Wright State with the times. I know when I come back for Alumni functions, I’m going to be surprised on how much the campus has changed.

It’s my alma mater. Hail Wright State, Hail Wright State U. Go Raiders!

Until next time,


Concussed Out

Greetings again, dear readers. Let’s talk about the ugly side of sports: injuries.

As a fan of many sports and many teams, injuries are my least favorite thing to talk about while broadcasting. Every time an athlete doesn’t get back up right away, I fear for the worst.

Injuries are common among sports, as these activities command a lot from bodies. Sometimes, bodies tend to crumble under extreme stress.

It’s unfortunate that these do happen, but human bodies aren’t indestructible.  We are lucky to be living in these times though, where technologies exist to get the body fixed up to the best of the doctor’s abilities.

The picture I shared is the only one on Page 1 of Google images that I didn’t freak out entirely. The picture I used is a head-to-head collision of two New York Mets players.

Since the NFL season began again in 2010, there’s been an increase of people getting concussions. According to sportsinjuryclinic.net, a concussion is defined as a direct or indirect blow to the head which affects the brain. There are three levels of concussions: mild, moderate, and severe.

For mild concussions, these are harder to track due to the athlete still maintaining normal balance. You might have some memory loss or ringing in your ears, but will still maintain consciousness.

Moderate concussions are marked by worse symptoms (no kidding), including mental confusion, possible nausea or vomiting, and a loss of consciousness no longer than five minutes.

The severe concussions don’t mess around, as your blood pressure can increase, along with mental confusion and loss of consciousness longer than five minutes. The athlete should be off the field of action IMMEDIATELY, no matter what level of concussion they are facing.

For the most part, you hear about concussions more in football than any other sport due to the amount of physical contact everyone must make. Sometimes, you will have tackles or falls to the head. While football helmets have been made to cushion some of these blows, it’s not enough sometimes.

While I mentioned we live in truly great times for technology to repair injuries, you can never repair what you lose in your brain. Those said surgeries are good for patching up muscles, but not for repairing brain traumas. Once you do damage to your head, you’ll never be 100% again. In my honest opinion, you’ll never be 100% again with any injury that occurs. Too many injuries will have you on the sideline for the rest of your career…or worse. These things happen in any level of sport, and it’s a cryin’ shame to have them happen to anyone.

Whenever you play sports, always remember to be careful out there. You could be in a world of hurting with one wrong move.

Until next time,


The Battle of the Miami Valley

Rivalries are everywhere you go. Wherever you take two rival high schools, two colleges, or two pro teams; they’re everywhere.

Today, I want to talk about a pair of schools that I have lived near all my life. I’m talking about a battle of Flyers and Raiders.

That’s right, Wright State University and the University of Dayton.

The Wright State Raiders belong in the ten-team Horizon League, whereas the Dayton Flyers are in the Atlantic-10 Conference along with thirteen other teams. Wright State is a public school funded by the state, while UD is a private school. The Raiders have a color scheme of green and gold, while the Flyers have a red and blue color palette. The Raiders are represented with a gray, fierce wolf but have been represented by a viking between 1987 and 1997 and a brown wolf from 1997 until 2007. The Flyers have a mascot of a pilot (it sort of reminds me of the Iowa Barnstormers in a way.) The mascots are named Rowdy Raider and Rudy Flyer.

You might be asking “Why Raiders?” Since Dayton has had the Flyers, Wright State had to come up with something else. Since the city of Dayton is the birthplace of aviation, you have the Flyers and Wright State (based on Orville and Wilbur Wright).

Whenever these two teams play each other, there’s never an empty seat. The fans pile up and the athletes give it their all. The atmosphere fills with electricity between both schools.

To me, these games take the same time of research and preparation but they bring the same excitement, sometimes even more. It’s a great combo of the two teams getting together to play and it makes for a great broadcast. Also, in an attempt to not boost my ego, I feel like I am the voice of the Miami Valley at that point (unless it’s covered by another station which Women’s Basketball is.) I’ve only missed ONE WSU vs. UD broadcast, and it was a hockey broadcast.

Except for Men’s Basketball (which I am NOT opening that can of worms to remain neutral), the two schools play in just about every sport. Sometimes there will be off-years (like Men’s Soccer, for this season). Baseball plays twice unless the weather has something to say about it. The rest of the sports is usually just once a year, however.

While this is a great rivalry for sports, this is also a great friendship as well. Both schools have been picking up some abandoned places to create jobs. For example, UD bought the old NCR headquarters and will be creating offices there. Wright State took up an abandoned cement factory in nearby Fairborn and created Calamityville. Both schools have deals with Air Force.

So there you have a preview of our rivalry in the Miami Valley. These schools both are great places to continue education and both field incredible athletic teams and arenas.

Sorry about the delay of this article, readers. I hope you enjoyed it.


Chariots of Fanship (and love)

The other day, I saw one of my friend’s status on Facebook. They were asking about on what they should do since the other one didn’t love a team like they did. That got me to thinking: Can relationships work when two people root for some other teams.

Duh! Of course they can!

I guess the “big” issue that I’m writing about is the fact that teams we cheer on shouldn’t really determine if two can make it work. Why should it even matter in the first place?

Should you give up rooting for your team for your special someone? No, of course not. Should you start rooting for their team though? That depends on if you want to. Listen folks, cheering on for your teams is indeed important and has a place but why should that interfere with love? Isn’t your squeeze more important?

Of course I say this forgetting that everyone’s priorities are different. Maybe you’re an alum. Maybe they are an alum from a different school. There’s millions of reasons on why you root on for a team. So what can you do?

Make it into some sort of game. A bet, or a wager, if you will. Without getting too graphic, make it fun for the winner (or loser, whatever floats your boat.) Do something for them. Make them do something for you. You get my point.

Is it easier to be in a relationship with someone that likes the same teams? Possibly, but it’s more of a challenge to be with someone that doesn’t. The point of this is, it shouldn’t really matter. You both love the sport, don’t you? Make it a fun rivalry of your own.

Lastly, yes: that is a picture of the guy that moved away from a foul ball and allowed his girlfriend to get hit. “Bo the Bailer” as he is called, moved out of the way while the foul ball hit his girlfriend right in the arm. Needless to say, they broke up (search for it, there’s other things that the girl did afterward). Also, the conversation they had was hilariously bad, which can be found on this YouTube video. It’s included because I didn’t know what else would go with this post and it had a little something to do with love and sports.

Thanks for reading. Next time it will just be about sports. I promise.