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The Press Stops Here

Greetings readers,

The website known as daytonprosports.com will soon be no more. The author Jeff Kuntz is moving to the sunny side of Florida for his business.

If you never been to the site, it was a cornucopia of things about pro sports in Dayton. From basketball, to hockey, baseball, and all sports in between, it was mentioned on the website. The Air Strikers, the Gems, the Dutch Lions, the Dragons, and the Silverbacks were the stars of the webpage. Even the Gem City Hall O’ Famers were on the site despite nobody knowing a thing on the team (turns out they played a couple of games in Lima and then folded.)

I first talked to Jeff back before the 2012 Air Strikers season began on Twitter, and right away I liked the site. Nobody else gave complete coverage of the teams that called the Dayton area home. Sure, Channel 7 might have had one or two clips of the first Air Strikers game, but not much else. The Dayton Daily News had a few articles, but coverage dropped as the season went by. Who kept the coverage going? Yep, daytonprosports.com.

It was around the time the Air Strikers moved out of Trent Arena and looking for a new home when I was first put into an article. I received word that the game would be played at the Dayton Boys Prep Academy. Although the plan was to not play the whole season there and just go back to Trent Arena, that didn’t happen and we played half of the games at The Prep.

The second time Jeff mentioned me was about the February 22nd game, where I believe the Air Strikers were supposed to play that day, then I tweeted about how that wasn’t going to be the case. He backed up the tweet saying that I was associated with the organization. Jeff then wrote an article later that day, stating that I said that game was now off (he then went on and put in a good word and asked people to follow me on Twitter.)

Then on March 8th, I send a slightly-edited copy of the press release to Jeff, and he publishes it on the website. That was the first game in Moraine (and my first game as the PA Announcer for the Air Strikers, as well.) Another press release was published, as well as a paragraph update in the General section for March 13th.

The last article was published June 1st, mentioning that the Dayton Gems have folded, as well as the Dayton Air Strikers (which I honestly didn’t know happened.) He also mentions the Silverbacks making the CIFL Championship game (which Dayton lost to Saginaw, by the way.) He also mentions the new hockey team arriving in Dayton, as well.

Jeff got my name out in a lot of Dayton Air Strikers articles, as well as Twitter too. He told me I got a shout-out on WONE when I wasn’t able to listen (I think I had work that day, I don’t remember at this point.) He also wished me luck finding a broadcasting job and told me to never give up in his previous tweets.

Since the website will be shut off in a couple of weeks, I’d like to post a snippet of the last article, with the people that Jeff thanks.

Last article (5/31/2012): …I’d like to thank Mister Askew, Anthony Byrd, Clint Davis, David DiCenzo, Brij Desai, Rob Garfield, Brian Gratz, Joe Greene, Sev Hrywnak, Michael Lause, Duane Lewis, Mike Mossel, Lee W. Mowen, Paul Nitz, Kathy Rupp, James Scott, April Shellenberger, JT Szabo, Ivar van Dinteren, Cor van Hoeven and various anonymous sources for all they’ve done for me and/or this website…

Good luck in everything you do Jeff, thanks for the coverage of Dayton sports and thank you for publishing my press releases when I was with the Strikers!

Folks, take a visit to daytonprosports.com before it’s too late.

Source of information from Dayton Pro Sports and writer Jeff Kuntz.

Until next time,


Closing Shop (2011)

Greetings readers,

Originally I thought about writing another article about checking out Preble Shawnee’s gym, mainly because my dad went there (but he’s never been inside the high school located South of Gratis.) However, I have scrapped that post…for now. I want to talk about how I think the blog has went in 2011.

I remember I started January and February right with about 1,000 visits and eighteen posts (only four in February, though.) Then once I took a job to help pay my student loans, I didn’t have as much time as I usually did. The least I published was three posts in a month, I think.

The fact is, I think I let the fans down…all one of them. It was either I was working and didn’t have time to write or when I did have time I would be out of ideas. In terms of publishing time, I’ve slipped. I can remember when I first started the blog in 2010, I would be writing constantly. Now, not so much. I think I’ve found  a decent balance, but let’s hope I can continue to write.

I will say, upgrading to my own named website has been nice. It looks professional on a business card and it makes me feel important. It’s probably a lot easier to type, as well.

I liked the articles I published this year, though. I tried to incorporate social sports media, applications for smartphones, and the sports themselves. I think I hit a better scope of issues compared to the opening year.

Seeing how this is my last article of 2011, I would like to thank all the readers who’ve stuck with me. Thanks for all the support, and I hope you continue to stick with me for all the years to come!

I don’t have any big plans like any series or upcoming articles, but I will continue publishing articles when I can. Of course, suggestions are welcomed (if I feel like I can keep the topic interesting.)

Thanks so much, readers. Until next year,